Come one, Come all.. welcome to…

Pisces Muse…

Welcome to my life. Here you will experience the world as seen by me. It is not always all peaches in cream, definitely a little mundane, but I try to keep it as interesting as possible (at least so I don’t nod off to often). What I offer the bloging community is a piece of myself; you will, most definitely, experience various (a wide selection from kind and generous, funny and witty, to perhaps absolutely a wee bit crazy) aspects of my personality.

You may have guessed by the title that I am a Pisces. Be aware. I am all things relating to water. I flow like a raging flood some days, and others I am as calm as a pond. I have depths to my waters, and underlying currents. I try (sometimes with little success) to keep things on an even basis. But then again, where’s the interest in that. Those who know me can appreciate these characteristics about me. I hope you all can too.

I am creative and artistic. I love the theatre, especially musicals. The pure ingenious creativity and artistry that goes into every aspect of the stage, from set to costumes, to blocking, to choreography, to vocals, is very inspirational.

I dream big, and have what could be called unattainable goals for the future. However, if we did not have big dreams to inspire us and push us to try, how would we know exactly how far we can go? With that in mind, I thrive under pressure (though I may cry with the stress of it all). This is an attestation to who I am.

I read a lot; books are a part of my passion. They are an escape to another world, a chance to be someone else, without the huge risk of it all. I aspire to being an author. It would be a dream come true for me. That is part of the reason I have decided to keep a blog, to practice writing almost everyday.

I love creative outlets; I take up new creative activities that I am inspired by all the time. I may come away from it for a time, but my passion usually renews for the activity. I have taken up knitting a few times, and every time I come back to it I learn something new and more inspiring. I like to sew and do period style costuming. I have a mound of material I need to get back to. All hobbies that I am inspired by go through rotation so that I am never bored, and constantly amused (I may have the attention span of a 2 year old).

And thus the name Pisces Muse. I am all things Pisces, and I have many inspirations, as I have found various Muses. I am a Pisces Muse, or so is the name I have chosen to perhaps best describe myself, and what this blog shall be. I hope you enjoy.

Loves and hugs and all that jazz

P.S. Please respect my blog as my virtual living room, as I would anyone else. Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Come one, Come all.. welcome to…

  1. Well little cousin, you know what they say, ” An idle mind is the Devil’s…..” I think using your Blog is a great way of warming up your writing skills. By the looks of it, your getting off to a good start. I do, however think a few pictures here and there will be more entertaining for those who are not great reader’s. That’s just my opinion, as I love to read, but short stories only, lol…Being that said, continue on and you’ve got my permission to use my name, even though there is not much interesting about my life going on. That might bring on the “nap” section for readers…Good Luck!

  2. well big cousin. I don’t know which cousin you are to use your name. thanks for reading though. And I am trying with the pic thing, its just a matter of remembering to take pictures.

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