What I have learnt over the Weekend:

1. Do not save all activities you could spread out in your evenings throughout the week, and try to cram this into the weekend. This will backfire. I received a phone call on Friday night from my sister, who has recently (like last weekend) relocated for her college placement. This phone call was in regards to picking her up at the bus depo and bringing her to our home town for a surprise visit on Saturday afternoon, and then bringing her back to the city in the evening for her late going away party. Guys she’s already gone, your timing is a wee bit off. Also, my significant other and I had planned on having super with his Dad and his dad’s significant other. We thought the plan was to go out for dinner, because it would be easier. Instead his dad decided he was going to cook. This meant that he thought he would do my man a favor and come out to pick me up, so my man didn’t have to after work. However, because he was making dinner this meant I got picked up around 2pm. There went my Sunday as well. Admittedly I did have a good time the food was great and so was the company, but so much for getting my stuff organized.

2. When faced with your own mortality, you can only hold it in and be strong for so long, before you just need to break down and cry. And while I was not that individual who was facing mortality ( I don’t plan on facing that bridge for many decades yet), I still had to ask myself, what would I do if I knew I might only have a year left. How would I want to spend that time? I would want to spend it with the people I love, but I would also want to accomplish things, big things. I would want to travel the world, see Europe, the pyramids, Asia. Experience different cultures. And I would also want to write a novel. A really good one that would pay for all the traveling that I wish I could do. So I have decided that I am going to start writing more often. And hopefully by this time next year I will have a novel written and sent out for consideration at a major publishing firm. Hopefully I can get a few short stories published in the mean time.

3. Living in a Hobbit Hole (basement apartment) is depressing. At first I thought it was cute and quaint and cozy. I thought it would be inspiring to go back here later in my life when I was more successful, and it would be sweet and bring back memories. Now all I am feeling is a vitamin D deficiency. There is not enough sunlight; we only have two windows to outside and the one in my kitchen faces the car port so all I see are the wheels of my aunts vehicle. The romance of the intimate hobbit hole have worn off, and I crave more space, and big big windows.

4. Going for a walk with the cutest dog in the whole wide world is refreshing. I love the way Rory bounds through the snow. And I admit that I have to get motivated to bundle up and go trudging through the snow, because the glories of winter have worn off on me by now. But the joy Rory has when she is playing in the snow, and how refreshed I feel being outside with her, are a little motivating to keep loving winter for a while longer. Just no more rain please.

Sorry no pics of her in the snow right now. Must take some. ooops..

5. I have learnt that if shrimp tingles on your tongue it is probably rotten. We thought that it might have been the shrimp sauce, so we tossed it out and I made some home made shrimp sauce. I tasted it as I was making it so I knew it had to be good. The new sauce didn’t tingle on my tongue. I use it with the shrimp, it is still tingling. It must be the shrimp. We only came down to this conclusion about half a bowl later, so the wee bit of indigestion I am feeling today may be the shrimp, it may also be the half a bottle of wine that I got into as well. No way to really tell. Lucky for me I sit at a desk at work, so being slightly nauseous at work is no big deal.

6. Knitting after a couple of glasses of wine results is miss counts. Luckily the pattern is easy and I was able to fix it. Froging it back stitch by stitch (yes I know there is a term for this, but I can’t think of it right now), is doable while you are slightly tipsy as long as it is an easy pattern. I would hate to see what lace or cables would be like. Interesting to say the least. To let you know I am knitting a scarf. If I finish, it will be the only finished knitting object so far. I am a knitter, not a Knitter. I aspire to be a Knitter one day, but I also have the attention span of a two year old and can be easily distracted into other hobbies, like playing video games. Go figure.

7. Trying to cram everything into Sunday night that you had planned on doing throughout the weekend, after you have drank half a bottle of wine and are slightly tipsy will not do. Can not focus, must drink water and go to bed.

Those are the lessons that I have learnt over the weekend. It does not mean however, that I am going to apply them in any useful fashion.


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