Tales of an inspired fourth grader…

Once upon a time… in about grade for let’s say, I had an epiphany. I had decided what I would like to be when I grow up, besides charming, beautiful, smart, witty, and everything else lovely about me. I wanted to be…an ACTRESS.. or an AUTHOR (or both of course, because I want my cake and to eat it too).

I remember on a cold winter day bundling up to go to the high school to see the newest musical that they were staging. I would wonder were the people would go and hide, or how they would exit one side and come on stage the other side. I loved the costumes. I loved the dancing. I loved the singing. It was phenomenal, and I was inspired. That was what I wanted to do with my life. Theatre!!!

When I got to high school I auditioned, and I got parts in the musicals. My proudest moment was playing the Wicked Witch of the West, in our rendition of OZ! I was in grade 10 and had won the part from a senior. I made children cry, that’s how mean I was. After one performance I teacher brought her child up to the stage and she was so cute and so young. And she said “When I grow up I wan to be just like you. I want to be the Wicked Witch of the West.” I had a flash back, because when I was her age that was me.

When I started grade school I was in French immersion. I learned how to read and write French first, all of my classes were in French. When I reached grade three it was time to teach us English. I struggled so hard. When I came to grade four I had an inspiring English teacher. She taught us poetry and short stories. And I thought I would write a book, or become a poet.

I finally picked up on reading, without all of the struggling. I was swept away into other worlds and times. I could go on an adventure and never leave the house. It was phenomenal. It also helped that my mom used to read to me all the time when I was a little girl. We read the Bobsy twins together, and Nancy drew books. I had a very active imagination and was always daydreaming. The perfect formula for become an author.

Now when grade 12 hit and I had to decide what I wanted to go to college or university for, do you think I looked back to my wisdom of grade four. No I did not. I chose something practical, Business Administrations, because it was versatile.

I was told that my dreams would be a long hard road to follow, and that perhaps maybe I didn’t have the endurance necessary to go for them. And a part of me believed that too. I thought that if I could do it on the side I would still be satisfied.

Well now that I have a few years of real life under my belt, not going for my dreams is a hard road to follow and endure. And doing what I love on the side is not as satisfying as doing it all the time. Yes it would be hard, but I think I would appreciate hard doing what I love, than boring doing what I am not inspired by.

So while I may not be doing what I love full time, I am going to start writing my novels. I have two trilogies roughly outlined in my head, and one short story idea. I am going to take the hard road. I am going to follow my dreams and maintain a steady job, until I can rely on my dreams full time. This will be tough, but I believe now that I have the courage, strength, stamina, and fortitude to succeed.

Perhaps one day they will cast me for a part in one of my novels when it hits the big screen, eh?


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