Welcome friends and family…

I have been struggling with weather or not I was going to write a blog today. No one really reads it thus far that I am aware of, because I have no comments yet. But I have not been blasting it all over the Internet that I have a blog, or to my friends and family. I was kind of hoping that a few random people would stumble upon it and have a seat and not leave and be my groupies.

Just the other day I finally told my significant other that I was keeping a blog. I told him after the soup incident, because he asked me what I was so furiously typing about. I didn’t know how I felt about telling the people around me about it. I have a hard time opening up sometimes. A part of me is relieved that no one has read the blog yet, because then no one can sit in judgment of me. A part of me is a bit sad, because I am sharing. I like to be supported not criticized.

I am also slowly getting the hang of editing what I deem blog worthy and what I want people to know about me. I haven’t read many blogs (mainly the yarn harlot http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/), but the ones I have read I have based my rules of what are acceptable by what they have posted.

Just the other day I had a conversation with my aunt about what people post on the internet and how it could harm there future career goals. That caused me to go back and delete a whole post. I did, however, substitute it with what I decided I wanted to be when I was in grade four.

My mom chimed in about the new Sudbury type of myspace happening. She didn’t think it wise that people should know you are from Sudbury, because then they could track you down. She reads a lot of murder mysteries. And then that caused me to hide my profile from my blog.

But I also figured that eventually people would get all the information regarding me from my blog anyways, because I was discussing myself. I little hint here, a little hint there, and someone truly determined could figure it out. Do I tell them my dogs name, my boyfriends name? Should I ask those around me if they mind being mentioned in my blog or not? Do they mind maybe having their picture up? Lots of morality question. I am willing to share my life and my space with an internet community in hopes that I find my own online family(once again yarn harlot as my prime example), but are those around me willing to be a part of it.

So the question remains, what is blog worthy? And what do I want to share with the whole world? What do I not mind everyone knowing about me? First I think “would I share this with every single member of my family?” And then if I answer yes, then I think “okay is it interesting enough to post.” And there is a lot of stuff that I would answer no to first, because sometimes I am not a very open person. I am a wee bit of an introvert.

I am also having issues trying to find my voice for writing. What type of an author am I? Am I funny and witty, or am I serious? I know I am not picture heavy, but that is mainly because I am posting my thoughts. When I start getting into the creative field of things, I will start to show pics.

In the mean time I think I will go and invite some people to my kitchen party. To all my friends and family: Welcome.

4 thoughts on “Welcome friends and family…

  1. I think I can post a comment if I am not logged in to. It asks for a verification word. But you need a google/blogger account to post something. I will see if I can go and fix that.

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