Here is to ROCKIN OUT!!!!

So as a pre-disclaimer in regards to my previous post on how public people would like their life to be on the blog here are the guidelines I am setting… relatively (I may change my mind with no given notice, but I will try to be respectful). I realize that everyone is not comfortable being public on the internet. So what I will do is ask the people around me how they feel about me using their real name and pictures before I do so on my blog (I will ask the first time, if you say yes I am assuming I can continue to use your real identity). If however they choose to remain anonymous then I will use a code name for them and blur out there faces in the pictures (if pictures are necessary to describe an event). However, your relationship in regards to how I know you will probably be revealed. For example, if you are an aunt, you would be an aunt under a different name, but an aunt all the same. I don’t mean to invade anyone’s space, however, if you do have influence on me and are a part of my life, there is very little avoiding that you will probably get mentioned in my blog. I hope this will suffice, and keep people feeling comfortable.

So to the rest of you who are reading this have fun deciding if it is there real name or a code name. Blurry pictures might give it away. Heck I might just blur pictures now for the fun of it.


Actually I am going to go a wee bit backwards and tell you about my Wednesday evening. Darren and I went to go and see a Three Days Grace concert. His sister got us (well, Darren two tickets)the tickets for Christmas. I got pjs in case anyone wanted to know. They are warm and snugly and my dog fully enjoyed the slippers that went with. I try to wear slippers but my dog likes to play keep away and hide and seak with them.

Back to the concert. Here is the line up:

All the bands were good and I had a really good time. The end. No just kidding.

But the bands were good. I love the raw energy involved in being at a live performance. It almost seams surreal sometimes. However, the problem with this raw energy was that only the band was exerting it. The crowd was not.

I have no doubt that the crowd did not fully enjoy the performance. Okay I might have some doubts, but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt. The problem with the crowd was that they were a bunch of teenagers. They were all dressed in there Emo punk styles, which I think are hilarious, but did not have the confidence to get really into the performance. No mosh pit, all standing around listening intently (they were out of their seats at least).

There were other people there that were older than 20, but the vast majority were high school students. They mostly likely were totally stoked to go, but to afraid of being judged un-cool by their peers for head banging and jumping up and down. Way to shy.

I think what bothered me the most, is that they don’t have much experience with going to concerts. So when the last band finished playing and the lights went up, everyone left. They didn’t stay to cheer for an encore. The lights went up and they left. They did not ignore authority and demand an encore. This disturbs me to no end. Come on people it is rock and roll. IGNORE AUTHORITY. That is what a rock concert is about.

While I may not be from that generation of rock and rollers, I know what proper concert going etiquette is. You demand an encore and do not leave without it. Sheesh.

So anyways, here are some pics of the bands rocking out and the energy they exuded for us. Thanks guys, I had a great time. I thoroughly enjoyed myself even though they are not my primary music to listen to. I prefer acoustic guitar like type things, but when I need angry rock I can appreciate that style of music.

Post pics of bands

Econoline Crush


Seether and Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace


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