I was all the rage…

The weekend started off with a tickle in my throat (Friday day), it progressed to a raging soar throat on Saturday, by Sunday morning the raging soar throat had mercifully abated, however, throughout Saturday night while I was trying to sleep my nose decided to rebel and was all sniffly. From there it was all downhill, Sunday evening resulted in being completely congested, however, thanks to NeoCitrin was able to sleep relatively unabated by my nose and its desires.

And Monday even though I have this raging beast of a cold taking over my head, I find myself at work. Why you ask? Because my co-worker is out of town and Monday is meeting day for the bosses. Monday is lets everybody call the office because A) we are sick B) we have business to attend to. My job is to intercept these phone calls and let them know that the boss in question is in a meeting and that he/she will get back to them as soon as possible and that of course there issue is number one priority and that I am so sorry that I, the lowly secretary, is unable to help them in there queries. This sucks ass, because I sound like crap on the phone. I am all stuffy and can hardly talk and just want to lay down and not get up and overdose on cold medication until I reach a nice hallucinogenic state that allows me to pass out and not care if my nose is leaking all over the pillow.

But besides my most awesome health I had a good weekend. Friday evening my mom and I picked up my sister, Laurel the GREAT, from the bus depot and brought her back to my parents place for some family time. We had sausages and noodles (one of my sisters favs that my dad makes) and watched Sidney White. It was funny and good, but we are still unable to decide completely on which dork is which dwarf.

Saturday morning dawned and I was back at my parents place for breakfast and to pick up my sister and bring her back to the Bay. Darren and I were going to go and visit her at Rick’s place (if you want to be technical it’s actually his parents place, as he is still living at home). We had good good times.

We took the dogs out (they have two labs, Jasmine and Samsquench) to the lake to frolic and play fetch. His dogs fetch, my dog (Rory) frolics. Actually what she does is she watches the ball go and she sits and thinks and processes this information and then when the other dogs are halfway there she joins in, but because she is really slow she doesn’t make it and just chases them back. She is a very slow dog, not just speed wise but mentally too. I love her all the same for her specialness.

Saturday evening brings us to the Moose for some awesome wings. Afterwards, we went to another bar and listened to some live music. I was a weebit cranky because of my stupid throat. I drank tea at a bar. How uncool is that?

We went back to the house after the first set and continued our adventures. The gentlemen proceeded to play Guitar Hero, while Laurel the GREAT and I proceeded to pass out. It’s not that we didn’t want to partake and have fun, its just that sleep was perhaps the better option for us. The guys are a weebit of Guitar Hero hogs (actually, they started calling themselves Guitar Gods), and well I am not that good at it and Laurel the GREAT is a bit bitter at the rivalry for attention she has with it and Rick.

I think she feels that Rick might love Guitar Hero’s company more than hers. The guitar hero doesn’t raise objections to the amount of time that he spends with Laurel the GREAT (I swear that is what she requested to be called on the blog). She guitar hero just silently (well loudly sometimes) flaunts its victory every time Rick picks it up to play. I am not quite sure what Laurel the GREATs retaliation to the guitar heroes gloating is as of yet, but based on Saturday night, it was to glare meanly at the evil guitar hero and pass out on the coach. Guitar Hero one, Laurel the GREAT.

Sunday morning dawned early, and both Darren and I proceeded to ignore its dawning. My dog, however, did not. So I took her out for some morning pee breaks but forced her to come back to bed and canoodle. After we got up and some debating was made over what the new day could bring us, we decided to take the dogs back down to the lake for some more fetch.

The next event was breakfast, which was at burger world (who knew burger world served all day breakfast. I certainly didn’t before). The food was decent, but if you ask for no tomatoes on a sandwich and no relish on a burger you will be sadly mistaken of their abilities to comply to such requests. However, if you ask for crispy bacon, they can do that.

We went back to the house, and there was some more guitar hero (guess how pleased my sister was about that). However, they (Rick and her) did have plans to go sledding together without the guitar hero. It was being left behind. Small victory, take em when you get em. We (Darren and I) left sometime around 4ish and were home sometime around 6:30ish. My dog passed out last night and was very reluctant to get up for any pee breaks what so ever. This means that it was a good weekend for her too and not just us.

P.S. Tomorrow my co-worker will be in at work, and let’s just see how I feel about working through this cold again. If tomorrow is anything like today, I will proceed to stay at home and keep all the love to myself, as I don’t think anyone else at work appreciates the love (cold germies) that I am sharing today.


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