Once upon a time there was a FAIR MAIDEN who had a dream. It was a dream of socks, warm and cozy, covered in cables, delicately knit, and coveted by all of the other not so fair as she maidens in the kingdom. This dream was probably brought on by an inspiration. A little birdie insists that, that inspiration were these.

Those socks might have been the beginning of an obsession with hand knit socks. They certainly drove her to finding this, this and this. There is also a pair of these (tilting cable socks) in this magazine. The FAIR MAIDEN would also like to note that she would like to knit every design by Cookie A, because that woman is a genius when it comes to socks.

Now this FAIR MAIDEN might have shared these dreams with a certain credit card of hers, whose names we will cough out as MASTERCARD. She might have said “There see those. I wish to knit those. But low and behold, woe is me, I have not the supplies to knit those. They require oh so slender a DPN that I do not possess. Oh dear MASERCARD, how ever shall I manage.” A conversation like that might have occurred once upon a time.

And that dear MASTERCARD felt such sympathy for that poor little FAIRest of them all MAIDENs. She deserved to knit herself those socks as they were the only thing of true beauty left to enhance said FAIR MAIDEN’s fairestness. Now that MASTERCARD was very resourceful. It searched the local kingdom high and low, under crack and crevice and visited all available knitting resources possible. Such tools were not to be found. But it had heard of something called the INTERNET.

After many months of failure it turned to said INTERNET and asked for its help. After several moments it was redirected to this sight here. It was an ingenious sight the MASTERCARD thought. They had a package of exactly what FAIR MAIDEN was looking for. After a considerable amount of time MASTERCARD made a decision. It was going to purchase those for FAIR MAIDEN. She deserved them, she did her housework, and made food, and was a good girl deserving of such tools (it was not like she was commanding someone else to do the labour for her. She was willing to work for such socks of beauty).

But after having decided to buy here those precious DPNs, MASTERCARD also decided that she needed the proper materials to go with such tools of beauty, so it may have purchased her some sock wool to go with them. MASTERCARD may have also felt that she was deserving of a few other treats, considering her good behaviour as of late and her impending birthday in a month.

And so one day when the fair maiden arrived home there was a box on the table. There was a little note attached that read:


Because you are such a wonderful mistress who does not often abuse my powers, I felt you ever so deserving of a few early birthday presents that I know you have been coveting. I hope that you appreciate them and use them wisely, and take just as good a care of them as you have me.

Love always


Well fair maiden just could not resist any longer and opened up that box. Inside she found this.

She was so ecstatic that she maybe have shown her dog, Aurora Borealis (aka: RORY, ROOBEAR, ROOSTINK, or SINKY WINKY (the last is the current favourite, however for the sake of the blog we shall call her ROOBEAR)) the yarn. She may have also tried to make ROOBEAR wear the yarn as a crown. ROOBEAR may have also decided to steal a ball of it and play keep away because she thought it to be ever so beautiful as well.

The fair maiden was also so impressed that MASTERCARD had decided to order her so much yarn in such a pretty colour that it took her several days to decide to knit the tilting cable socks. She also felt the need to get her handsome mate to look at the yarn. His level of impressdedness wasn’t quite what she was hoping for, yet she understands. If he were to show her new guitar strings that he had been coveting, she is not sure if she would be as impressed as he was by them.

Now fair maiden is off to do some creative writing for the weekend, start knitting some socks, and to play with her ROOBEAR. She may also consume some of this

(because it looks like a pirating bottle. There is a dent on one side of the glass bottle and the neck is tilted. That is total inspiration for a pirating bottle) and do some sewing. Whatever way her passions lead her.

FAIR MAIDEN would also like to say how much she loves MASTERCARD and how much she is impressed by its thoughtfulness. She would also like to mention that next time it was feeling oh so generous, she may be coveting these. She also likes the DPNs in the wooden options and the above interchangeable needles in the wooden options too as they are painted oh so pretty a colours. But she would like to state firmly that she wants the nickle platted circualar knitting needle set first. The FAIR MAIDEN might also include on her blog for the month of February, a list of things she has been coveting. This list might be up, because said FAIR MAIDEN’s birthday is coming up.


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