The beginings of an adventure between FAIR MAIDEN and NOTEBOOK

Once upon a time in the kingdom in which FAIR MAIDEN resides there was a Christmas that was celebrated not to long ago. There were many gifts exchanged and many a good time to be had. In particular, FAIR MAIDENs sister gifted her with a NOTEBOOK (she gifted her with other awesome things as well, but we are here today to discuss this NOTEBOOK). This NOTEBOOK was no ordinary notebook.

It was a NOTEBOOK of note. It was gorgeous, with a smooth and soft foe leather cover in a beautiful spring leaf green with flowers embossed into it. It had two bookmarks of fine satin cord, one white, and one silver, of which to mark ones place. The pages were perforated; this was an extra special feature, that would ensure that if a page needed to be removed (because it had been deemed unworthy) that it would not leave an ugly visible scar.

Now FAIR MAIDEN new of the NOTEBOOKs extra special nature, and she spent many a night thinking about its fate. She first thought that it could be her list of things to do book, but she had one of those already, and well it just seamed like the NOTEBOOK was destined for more. FAIR MAIDEN toyed with the idea of using it as her knitting journal. It would hold note relating to projects, and pieces of prized yarns. This idea however, was also not deemed worthy enough.

Then one day FAIR MAIDEN had an epiphany. FAIR MAIDEN has had dreams of becoming an author. However, FAIR MAIDEN has also been terrified of committing words to paper. FAIR MAIDEN looked over at NOTEBOOK and asked it if it was up to the task of being the start of one of her novels. She had had difficulty before with unruly subjects put to this task, and needed some reassurances.

But NOTEBOOK in all of its wisdom assured FAIR MAIDEN that it alone was the only one that would ever be acceptable to such a tasks. And that the reason FAIR MAIDEN had been experiencing such fears was because she did not have NOTEBOOK in her life to reassure her confidence. NOTEBOOK whispered to her that it would be there for her. That is would not judge her, and simply allow her to commit words down without feeling trapped by them.

And FAIR MAIDEN felt so reassured by NOTEBOOKS words that she instinctively started to jot down ideas in regards to her characters and her novels. And you know how NOTEBOOK reacted? Very well. He did exactly as he had promised. He had offered her a release and a starting point for a new journey and adventure that they were to have and go on together.

And thus is the beginnings of FAIR MAIDEN and the NOTEBOOKS adventures.


One thought on “The beginings of an adventure between FAIR MAIDEN and NOTEBOOK

  1. Just letting you know your the best fair maden sister EVER… and that if it wasnt for my amazing taste in gifts.. and knowing you all to well, your written dreams would be graciously written on newspaper… or napkins.. napkins is a funny word .. it reminds me of cabbage patch kids for some reason.. i guess its the word kin in it. Best of luck and happy writting. L

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