Happy Birthday Gramma

Today is going to be one big shout out blog to one very special person.

Today is my Gramma’s birthday. Here are the reasons why she is the most amazing and awesome Gramma ever, or at least in my books.

  1. Today she is an undisclosed number of years that is higher than 80 yet less than 90. This is phenomenal. While some might just call it living, I think that this is an accomplishment.
  2. She is the sweetest little old lady, who has a heart of gold. She is kind and loving and would do almost anything for her family.
  3. She still lives on her own. This is another great accomplishment. She is a mighty fiercely independent woman. I admire that strength and inner fire that she possesses.
  4. She loves to read. Her goal is to read 60 books a year, mostly murder mystery. She has also read all of the Harry Potter books. She has cool written all over her.
  5. She taught me how to knit. She also showed me what DPNs were all about. While I didn’t stick to it when she showed it to me, her first lessons have stuck with me. I am not scared of DPNs.
  6. You can have a conversation with her about snot. We did this on Christmas eve. It was mighty hilarious. Good times. She has a wicked sense of humour.
  7. She raised for daughters. This could not have been easy, and yet she is still as sane as the rest of us.
  8. She plays scrabble on a regular basis. She also womps my mother and my Aunt Lane at scrabble on a regular basis. And the oddest thing of it all is that she still frets that her mind is going on her.
  9. She does not like to have her picture taken. This is not because of some superstition that cameras are soul stealers. She just simply does not like to be caught off guard in a picture. It’s just one of many quirky traits.
  10. She has lived through such a changing world. She has gone from having to go to the lake and chip a hole in the ice in the winter to get water to indoor plumbing. She has scene the dawn of a technological era. She has a microwave.

    Love you much Gramma and hope you have an awesome birthday.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Gramma

  1. I don’t know how everyone is unable to post there comments. My relatives keep emailing me saying that they can not post. There should be a huge orange button at the end of the comment thing that says publish your comment. Right after you choose your identity. Come on people scroll down and take a look.

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