Okay this is just a quick post to let every one know that you should now be able to post comments. Please somebody besides me go and test this theory. At the bottom of this post hit the comments link (it is pinkish). If the comments link does not appear click on the time. It will show the comments for that post under neath that post, and will show a link called post a comment. A new window should pop up to write your comment in. At this points type whatever you like, then select your identifications. you will also have to type a verificatoin word, that will be shown on the screen. At the bottom when you scroll down, there willbe a button that says publish comment. Hit that , and everything should be good. I really hope it should all be good. I am so sorry about the technical dificulties. If this works I promise I won’t moderate any more of the comments settings. Thank you so much for your patience.



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  1. well, this is quite involved to get into– I had written a message full of wonder over your blog postings and by the time I properly registered my whole message to you disappeared. So, my glowing remarks are floating in cyberspace somewhere, Jewel. I AM thoroughly enjoying your outlook on life & your description of ordinary happenings; i.e. the stew episode on the stove burner….hilarious!! Carry on FAIR MAIDEN! Lady Elaine aka Aunt Lane xo

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