WARNING: This blog is long. Sit down have a cup of coffee and enjoy.

My weekends consist of approximately 37 free hours. These calculations are based from when I get off of work Friday afternoon, to when I go to bed Sunday evening. I have accounted for sleeping time as well. And out of these 37 free hours, I have scene the play Grease twice, hung out with some friends, gone out for super twice, went over for super once, went skating, drove in a snow storm, cleaned my apartment, started watching a movie, watched a little TV (the Grammies), did a wee bit of knitting, and did an even wee-er bit of reading.

Friday evening we met up with Trevor at Chapters. WARNING: do not take me to CHAPTERS, no matter how much I beg and plead. I can always find something I am coveting. I may have had a wee bit of an accident at Chapters, were I purchased the last Yarn Harlot book (author: Stephanie Pearl McPhee) for my collection, Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot’s Guide to the Land of Knitting. And Sensual Knits, by: Yahaira Ferreira.

We then went for dinner at Boston Pizza, Trevor, Darren and I. I ordered the cactus nachos. WARNING: they are made with potatoes chips. They are good, but if you are expecting actual nacho chips, they are a bit heavy to get through.

From there we proceeded to go see the opening night of Theatre Cambrians Grease. Opening night is when they have the most energy and are most likely to make a mistake. Two combinations to make a great show. WARNING: if you are expecting to see the movie performed on stage, you are wrong, this is the original Broadway version.

Afterwards we proceeded over to Peddlers for a few drinks, and even though I was the DD I didn’t find my bed till 5 in the am.

Saturday morning didn’t commence until noon. Darren and I went skating on the ice trail they have on Ramsey Lake, it follows the board walk. The snow was beautiful and gorgeous, like a wonderland. We did one lap of the trail, and at the end before we turned back they had a hot chocolate booth. I wish I would have thought to have taken a picture of my hot chocolate. I was asked if I wanted a supreme and I said yes. WARNING: a supreme is quite supreme. It has a whip cream mountain with little candied sprinkles, and you think that is good, but then it has little marshmallows under that layer that are adding extra cream to your hot chocolate while you are eating the whip cream. It was phenomenal. The guy behind me asked for what I was having after her saw it. Oh yeah.

We went out for super/breakfast at 4 at Perkins. Wonderful food, lovely menu. WARNING: serving sizes are huge there. You pay ten bucks and you get a platter full of food. Two people could eat all of that. Well two of me, not two of Darren.

On the way home from town it was snowing but the roads were not too bad. This is an important fact you might want to remember. I repeat: the roads were not too bad.

So we went over to my parents place and were offered more food that unfortunately we had to decline because of aforementioned proportion sizes at Perkins. WARNING: Bikini season is approaching (well in four months) however, if I start now I have a higher success rate of being in shape for it. Round is not the desired shape I am going for, neither is square, or triangular.

Anyways the event for that night was more Grease for me. Darren was going to a hockey game with my Dad (long live hockey night in Canada), but as LAUREL THE GREAT was in town with Rick, we had decided to go out to Grease. Now remember those roads that were not so bad. Well at shortly after 7 (about two hours later) they were complete slush. I drove between 60 and 70 the whole way in and insisted that Rick drive us home. If anything had gone terribly wrong I probably would have ended up screaming at the top of my lungs, this would not resolve anything. That was a major deciding factor in getting Rick to drive home; he has experience in slushy weather and can keep a cool head.

The play was good the second time around. WARNING: if the lights go on in the auditorium and the actors look confused, it is probably a fire alarm. Yup, during grease lightning the fire alarm went off. They finished the first half of the song, but we all had to evacuate outside until the fire department came and cleared us and turned it off. Some people thought it was the fog machines or the herbal cigarettes that they were smoking as props. However, during Beauty and the Beast we had pyrotechniques there without a hitch. Someone must have pulled it for whatever reason. So I took pictures for the blog. Yup, I am a geek. LAUREL THE GREAT made fun of me, and several other people most likely thought I was crazy. But I needed proof.

On the way home there was an accident right before we got home. They were turning people back fairly early, so it cost us a little to detour but not a lot. The drive home was quite as we were anxious about the roads. I think Rick was confident but both LAUREL THE GREAT and I (me mostly) were being horrendous back seat ninny drivers (once again, me mostly). WARNING: This needs to be reiterated, I am a horrible back seat driver. I try to stay quite, but sometimes I can’t. I think I said at one point “Really I’m okay with you doing 50 the whole way home. Nothing wrong with that.” Yah 50 in an 80. It was slow going but we got home safe and sound.

Sunday, oh glorious Sunday, I spend the day making amends with my apartment. I profusely apologized to it for the neglect that I had been showing it. I cleaned it top to bottom. Or as close too as counts. I didn’t dust. Really we don’t have spare surfaces for dust to settle on. Every inch is used up by things like books and knitting and they are constantly being moved so dust doesn’t have much of a chance to settle. That’s what you get when you live in a hobbit hole. I did all of the laundry too, yet somehow we have managed to accumulate one more load. It can wait.

Rory also went into heat Sunday morning, might have been Saturday night. All I know is I woke up with her who who resting on my arm and a smudge of blood. I have decided that as the carpets need washing anyways, and she is a fairly clean dog about it (keeping the who who clean), and because Darren is working day shift and I work days all the time, and she will be spending most of this week in a kennel, that I am going to go without the doggy diapers. She hates them, and I am going to wash the carpet afterwards because they need it and there isn’t much carpet, and the other things that I would worry about blood on have blankets on them that can be washed. And with me being a girl and having similar monthly experiences, I know how to get blood out. WARNING: if this grosses you out at all, because it might, then I will consider making her were her hot pants (the home made doggy diaper, the only one that will stay on relatively properly).

I went for super at my parents place again, after LAUREL THE GREAT, Rick and I had started watching the Grease movie at my place. WARNING: movie was on VHS, video quality low, songs that annoyed me before still annoy me know. Food was good, but as it had been a long weekend (well with lots of events), we cut out early and headed home for seven.

I had plans on reading; however, Darren convinced me that I should watch the Grammies. I said I only like the Oscars and he countered with the fact that the Grammies have the best musical performances. My favourite parts of the Oscars are the musical performances, so I caved. Darren won. This is when I earned my wee bit of knitting time. We didn’t finish watching the Grammies, sleep won. I was okay with that.

P.S. My even wee-er bit of reading time occurred before my second viewing of Grease when I read the introduction to Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot’s Guide to the Land of Knitting.

WARNING: This post is now over.


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