A letter to the public trasit system….

Dear Public Transit System:

I appreciate greatly that you provide a transit system at such a reasonable price, that strives to be more environmentally friendly, than lets say all the extra cars on the road if we could all afford our own vehicles. I truly appreciate this service.

However, I feel that some changes are in order. Now, I am a considerate person, who does not expect to spew off problems without providing possible solutions. So as well as the areas I feel need improvements I will also provide suggestions in which you can improve those areas.

I realize that on the schedule it says that times are subject to change without notice and that the transit system will not be held accountable. However, I feel this is poor judgment on your part. If you are posing a way to be more economical and environmentally correct, the least you can do is A) run on time B) make all of the other busses wait so that one bus and its patrons can make there connecting transfers C) if you can’t comply with B then have more buses on the bus routes so that if a bus is running late, it doesn’t effect the patrons so much because there will be another bus around in 5 minutes anyways. D) in the winter provide heated bus shelters at every stop. I realize this last suggestion is a bit ridiculous but one can get frost bite in less than five minutes, and if a bus is running ten minutes late, well then you know were I am going with this.

Furthermore, I do not think it to ridiculous to ask that you have working heaters on the buses. Ones that do not take 2 hours to warm up to a suitable temperature. Yes I realize that in the winter we are all supposedly dressed appropriately for the elements, but the assumption is that at least once we get on the bus we no longer have to worry about the wind chill factor. Unfortunately this is not true, the drafts are atrocious. Perhaps warm woolen blankets and heated seats would also help speed up the process of re-warming your patrons. Maybe even a coffee and hot chocolate service on the bus. I assume this is not out of the budget, as I have taken a ride in the new coach buses that resemble Greyhounds. They are gorgeous. More of those buses on every rout would also be greatly appreciated.

I would also like to suggest working air condition too, for the summer. I have been in there and it has been a sauna, and no amount of window opening has helped, with the heat or the stench of too many bodies and not enough air circulation. While I appreciate the efforts at heat it is a bit futile in the summer. If only you could somehow find a way to reverse your season efforts. Perhaps convertible style busses, ones that have tops that go up an down, down for warm days to have the wind blowing through ones hair, and up on the rainy days and the evenings. I admit that this would look a bit silly, but it is better than the lack of solutions you have offered thus far for this reoccurring problem

I understand about traffic, road conditions, bus failure, lots of stops, wheelchair accessible and accidents. What I don’t understand is when there are none of these conditions present and the bus is not on time. Furthermore, what confuses me more about the situation is the need for the bus driver to drive like a bat out of hell, like they have suddenly discovered were their gas peddle was all along and its true purpose in life. I don’t mind them using the gas peddle at all. I actually thoroughly encourage it. What I mind is that they couldn’t make this discovery in the first place. There is a gas peddle, use it. You make stops, I get that. Doesn’t mean you have to be a slow poke about it. You have a schedule, stick to it man.

Once again I would thoroughly like to thank you for the services provided in transporting me from location to location in your stunning chariot of bus. I also greatly appreciate all the reading time I have gained, by not driving myself, and the loads of money I have saved. The lack of sleep for rising so early to make the appropriate transfers too, has not gone too horribly missed as well. If you have any further inquiries on how much I truly value your services and how I would like to help you help me by improving the system, by all means feel free to contact me in the future.

Until then,
Yours truly,
And ever more,


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