Happy Birthday Darren

Friday was Darren’s birthday. I had written most of this post on Friday intending on posting it when I got home, but stuff happens. So a little belated today will be his birthday blog.

A GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRHTDAY goes out to him. And here are the reasons why he rocks my socks.

  • He is a very layed back person. He takes everything in stride. Mostly, even his little bit of temper is really very in stride and never misdirected.
  • He is a Musician. He plays bass and acoustic guitar. Though in bands it is Bass. He also sings. I think the whole musician thing is dead sexy.
  • He has long hair. This may not be the height of fashion, but it looks very good on him.
  • He is a dog person.
  • He knows lots of quirky facts, and likes to watch jeopardy. He also reads Uncle John Bathroom readers for the quirky facts, and proceeds to tell me about the ones he thought I would be interested in, like the pirate ones, or the riddle ones. And while he never really committed to school, he is very smart.
  • He does drama, and likes plays. We actually met doing a musical together.
  • He is very personable. I can take him anywhere and he gets along with everyone.
  • I can take him anywhere. Yarn store, doesn’t faze him, book store is cool too, any play or concert I want to go to and he is game. I like this a lot.
  • He wants to travel. He is also a good traveling partner (this information gathered from road trips), who doesn’t loose his temper at stupid stuff. We are going to go to Europe.
  • He knows how to do laundry, cook, and all other manner of household work and chores. While he doesn’t often employ these skills, I can count on him to kick in when I need it.
  • He goes to the gym. He watches sports. He plays various sports. He is a bit of a jock, but not the meathead type. The musician and acting thing really help to balance it all out. He is very versatile.
  • He takes very funny pictures (of himself). He makes the funniest faces. See above picture.
  • He also has a good eye with the camera. I love when he is taking pictures; he gets good stuff, way better than mine.
  • He has a wicked off beat sense of humour that I totally get most of the time. He makes me laugh.
  • He is a hard worker. If you ask him to do something he gets it done (eventually), and he does it well.
  • He loves me. We live together, and I know that I am not an easy person, but he deals with all the quirks in stride. I think sometimes that he knows me better than I know myself.

    I love you Darren, very much. And hope you had awesome birthday, or at least on okay one since you had to work.



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Darren

  1. belated birthday wishes to Fair Maiden’s knight in shining armour (I must inscribe that date for future reference) Your special days are quite close together aren’t they?

  2. What a nice blog about Darren – while you listed all his good points, I kept thinking – yup, yup, yup – bang on with that one and it’s all true – he is a phenomenal person, but so layed back that it takes a while to see all his multiple layers. Best of all, he loves you, is good to you and makes you happy – that works for me.

  3. Julia: I have liked Darren since meeting him, but reading your birthday blog made me like him even more. He treats you “right” and that makes me very, very happy.Love Aunt Shan xxoo

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