Top five authors in fantasy I like to read

Since I moved out last year I have been having a hard time finding time for reading. I thought I had lost my groove with it. I just couldn’t find a book that made me want to sink my teeth into it and find the time for it. I thought maybe it was the books. I also thought maybe it was the change in lifestyle. Whatever it was I just could not find my reading groove. Sure I read, and I read some pretty phenomenal stuff too. However, I didn’t read it with the same vigor and passion and it took me three times as long to finish anything.

I think I have now finally found the grove again. I am currently reading Forest Mage by Robin Hobb, the last installment of her Soldier Son trilogy. I do not love it as much as I do her other trilogies, however, I do like it still. She is an amazing artist with a spectacular ability for portraying characters. I absolutely love her style as an author. I only wish I could aspire to write as well as she does.

Originally I had thought to pull myself out of this groove I would re-read favourites. It would be easier an wouldn’t require as much concentration and I would get to find new things in the stories to love. I was going to begin with Robin Hobb’s Liveship Trader Trilogy. Butt now, since I seam to have found my passion again I just want to sink my teeth into everything that I have waiting for me on my book shelf.

I think I am still going to reread the Liveship Trader Trilogy, not just because I love them, but for research into character portrayal and plot development. And the sheer artistry of how she skips from character to character and still keeps you drawn and waiting with baited breath.

I have been meaning to get into the classics. I think that will be my summer goal, to read Ann of Green Gables, and Jane Austin. Previously, I had started them, but for Ann of Green Gables I was too young to grasp it (I was really into the babysitter club at the time), and for Jane Austin I found that it really required concentration as I was not used to that style of writing. The way they spoke is much different than the way we speak.

I love Robert Jordan, his Wheel of Time series is phenomenal as is his system of magic. He has created a whole new world from the ground up, and the epic proportion of it all is very believable. The politics involved are amazing, and almost make me want to follow our own politics. Almost.

I also thoroughly enjoy Terry Pratchett, his satiric sense of homour in a fantasy land is like a breath of fresh air. He parodies reality in a fantasy world. I save his books as little quickies of desert morsels. They are a special treat to me.

I also really enjoy George RR Martin. His epic fantasy is amazing. He writes the story from both sides, so it is not simply a good versus evil, but varying points of view. I can’t help but root for the bad guys sometimes because his portrayal of characters shows the story from both sides and you can begin to understand why they think like that. It is amazing. I wish to be able to write like him as well.

And last but not least Tolkien. While there was indeed fantasy before him, he truly defined it. I have yet to actually finish reading Lord of the Rings, the movies kind of stalled me on that. But as the beginner of it all, the one to open our eyes to the world possibilities, he did a fantastic job.

There are many others but those are my top five. I would recommend them to anyone. They all have very different styles of writing and voice that an aspiring author could benefit to learn much from.


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