So sorry for the Neglect blog

Dear Blog:

I am so deeply sorry that I have neglected you for the past week. However, I knew that you would understand. If it makes you feel any better my days felt incomplete not reporting to you. I did manage to have a good week, very busy, very very busy. I did miss you, and so to make it up you I am now going to report how I passed my time this past week without you. Please feel free to comment (also please feel free to sign your comments. I love to read them. I love even more to know who wrote them, not all of the comments are signed. Thanks to those who do sign there comments.).

Last week was so hectic. It started off with the finishing of a long weekend, the new family day holiday. I have no qualms with a new holiday, what I have issues with is retail getting a hold of it and morphing it into a spending spree that it does not need to be.

Tuesday evening must have been my most relaxed evening of them all. We went to the gym, were I watched gymnastics as I did some cardio. I kept saying go, but my legs were saying in your dreams. Later that evening Darren and I sat back and watched a movie and cuddled on the couch. And I thought, heck I have the rest of the week to get this apartment underway and do things like organize. Was I ever wrong.

Wednesday my friend TREVOR asked if Darren and I wanted to go out for coffee in the evening, this quickly got redirected to a couple of drinks, because neither Darren nor I are huge coffee fans. To be perfectly honest Darren does not drink coffee at all and I am so random sporadic about it, now that I am not in college and get a decent amount of sleep, I find that coffee is unnecessary.

So we went to Two Thumbs. And had hilariously good times. There were times to be perfectly honest were I spaced out and lost track of the conversation, because that is simply in my nature. But I have a few good quotes. I am going to make a quiz and you can guess as per what quote belongs to what situation. Tomorrow, or at a later date depending how generous I am, I will explain and reveal the answers.

QUOTE A: She’s a 37 year old 23 year old.
1) American Idol Contestant
2) My dog
3) A midlife crisis
4) Our waitress

QUOTE B: She’s Manolicious.
1) My dog
2) American Idol
3) Britain’s Top Model
4) Our Waiter

QUOTE C: What type of socks do Pirates wear?
1) they don’t wear socks
2) long knitted hose, because they are fashionable
3) Arrrrrrgyle
4) My dog

QUOTE D: Instead of a Pot of Gold, a Prada Hand Bag.
1) Something related to the fashion industry
2) I don’t remember but I’m sure Trevor will let me know
3) My dog
4) All of the above (why not, eh?)

There was much laughing and good times to be had. And afterwards when I got home and was in the shower, I was promptly told to hurry up and get out and get bundled up and go outside because it was an eclipse of the moon. I was totally warned that this was happening, and really had intention on witnessing it, but me being who I am totally forgot about it. I made it as the moon was re-revealing itself, and was surprisingly well bundled up very warmly considering that my hair was style sopping wet. It was really beautiful, this orange colour glowing behind the part that is supposed to be hiding with a sliver of silver showing. I hope you all got a chance to see it.

Thursday, I raced home and Darren and I went and did groceries. I end up getting the most stuff, because I need fresh veggies and dip every week, and then lots of healthy stuff for lunch, and breakfast and supper, not in that order of course. We also went to go see Definitely, Maybe, Yes. It was a very sweet story, a romantic comedy, a little slow in the middle, but cute all the same, gives a nice feel good vibe at the end. I recommend seeing it, however maybe more in the comforts of your own home. It did not require a big screen to get the full effects of the movie. I really like the little actress that was in it. She seams to be popping up all over the place.

After that we went to the Nightclub were Eargasm was playing. It is the Cambrian College Music program rock band. Members are always changing. I think the acoustic of the place could definitely be improved. I also think that they would be a good band to hear in the summer on the water front with a couple of beers. The middle of winter in a club, just didn’t have the right atmosphere for them.

Friday is truly were my week got hectic. I rarely ever facebook, to be perfectly honest I might facebook once a month, maybe. Anyways I facebooked this week. And low and behold, one of my other friends who facebooks as often as I do, facebooked me to let me know about a party happening on Friday. And I thought well, heck why not.

Now I did already have plans for Friday night, I was going to watch a movie with my mom. But my mom being the kind and understanding person that she was did not mind me multitasking my night. We had time to make a couple of stops on the way home, grab a bight to eat with the movie, and watch a movie, The Jane Austin Book Club, my second time and it was till awesome, and I still had 40 minutes before the bus was coming to go back into Sudbury.

The beauty of Darren working afternoon shifts means that I can go out and party with my friends and there is someone to be the DD. I normally end up being the DD. I don’t usually mind, but sometimes I want to let go and have a good time too. And letting go and having a good time is precisely what I did once I got the frat house(that is what I refer to Sean and Dave’s place. While I think they only have 2 people who are going to college or university out of six people in the whole house, the style in which they live in reminds me of a frat, the beer drinking kind that need a good tidy up. And by good I mean severe).

This weekend was frostbite, a winter Wolven Fang, Amtgard event. And while I decided that I did not actually want to get Frostbite, I still wanted to visit and hang out with my friends. So my mother being the kind and understanding person that she is did not mind at all when I called her Saturday morning at 11:00 am to ask if I could acquire the car that day around 3-ish to head on out to the event. I also needed to acquire one Bush man and take him out to the event too. When all was said and done we made it out for around 5:30-ish.

As a side note, ISH is like a timeframe to mean approximately in the broadest sense of the term. And by broad I mean anywhere from a couple of hours, to months, to years that ish can cover as long as you attach it to the right terms. Like February-ish would mean months, 2008-ish could mean years.

I stayed for super and for the awards, but honestly because I haven’t been in such a long time, I was so unfamiliar with the Role Play I didn’t want to start anything that I couldn’t follow up on. So I hung out, but I probably should have brought some knitting or some embroidery, something to do with my hands that would have created interest to those around me. I left around 8ish and was in bed by 11ish. I was supposed to call Sean to hang out but I was simply way to exhausted.

Sunday, oh glorious Sunday, was the day upon which that the mess that is my apartment finally got dealt with. Yes my friends I did laundry, I cooked, I vacuumed, I did the bathroom, I found our kitchen table amid my sewing projects. I dug them out a couple of week ago (sewing projects) with intentions on getting some things done. They just sat there on the table taking up space. I used the sewing machine once, and that was to fix Rory’s hotpants. I made super for my parents, and prepped everything food wise and clothing wise for myself for the rest of the week. The last thing I need to do for food prep is make some hummus tonight.

I watched the academy awards last night, and found that for the most part the movies that were nominated were about 5 that were repeated through the majority of the categories. By the end I was just like wow, I wonder witch one has collected the most. I haven’t even scene any of them yet, and besides Juno I don’t really want to see any of them. I was really rooting for Juno because it would have been the underdog had it cleaned up shop. It didn’t. It only one best screen play. I was happy for it.

Now today starts with me acquiring my co-workers office. She has been relocated to the back to share an office and focus on work order entry, and I am the new receptionist. Everyone seams to be moving up and around here, and I am still the lowest person on the totem pole yet the happiest about it. Everyone else is all like, ouch my toes, you are stepping on them. They are pretending to be good natured about it, but I can sense the hostility. Oh well, I try not to be too happy about the new developments around them, lest it feel like I am rubbing there noses in it.

Wow, this is very long. So sorry about that guys. I hope the few pictures I did post helped to break up the monotony.

Hope you guys had a fulfilling as a week as I did.

– yours truly, Jem. (those are my initials. As an extra added bonus to the questionnaire you can tell me what they are. Or not. Either way. Oh yeah 2 points for every question you get right. I may or may not develop an ongoing points system. I might just do it on the honour system and let you keep track of your own points. Not that I think there will be prizes or anything, but if I felt like prizes I might base it on points, or a random draw. Who knows. Apparently I don’t.)


One thought on “So sorry for the Neglect blog

  1. just read this tonight & want to try your quiz— so my answers are: A=4 B=4 C=3 D=1I am still having difficulty entering my comments since your blogsite doesn’t seem to like my password–so Ill sign as LadyElaine but enter under Annon. xoxo

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