Knitting bug

Every year around Christmas time I am hit with the knitting bug. I am inspired to create something with my own two hands lovingly for a family member. I think to myself, I will knit every one scarves. It can’t be that hard. The stitches are easy. I know how to cast on and do a knit and a purl. I can have it all done. This never works out. With all the running around for Christmas and everything else I have to budget my time for, I just don’t get a chance to finish that lone scarf that I cast on. I realize that had I started this need to re-learn how to knit a bit sooner, I would be better equipped with speed and agility and none of my clumsiness and fumbling around, however I am not.

So this past year (2007) the knitting bug bit a me a bit early. I was on the internet browsing around. I had just finished reading a tutorial on how to write a novel or short story. And I found a picture of a knitted sock, and I thought hey that looks really kind of neat, I think I could do that. I should also mention that I have a penchant for period style clothing, more of an obsession really. This was a period style child hose. Now I continued clicking links and low and behold I end up on the website looking at socks. There are gorgeous socks. I fell I love with Classidra. I found Cookie A, who is a sock goddess.

This clicking around persists though. I felt like something was missing in my new found knitting career, or at least obsession. Eventually I found the Yarn Harlots blog. I read it, it was witty and funny. She also has some earth shattering profound moments and insights not relating to knitting that were moving for me. She was my daily smile, at a hard pass in life for me. And suddenly I was not just moved to learn how to knit, I went beyond that. I became obsessed with learning everything I could about it. I started to collect patterns, and magazines, and books, and ordered knitting supplies. I realized that I didn’t just want to learn how to knit, I wanted to master it. I didn’t just want yarn to make projects, I wanted my own yarn shop in my house. I wanted a stash. I haven’t even finished my first scarf, or pair of socks that have originally inspired me and here I am thinking of making a wool house, and becoming a wool pig.

I was no longer thinking of knitting in terms of a hoby, but as a lifestyle journey I wanted to take. I no longer wanted to be a knitter, I wanted to be Knitter.

And so I should finish those socks, and tink back that row on the scarf because it ended on a knit instead of a purl. I should organize that stash, and clean off the table from sewing projects, because I am on my way to becoming a Knitter.


2 thoughts on “Knitting bug

  1. I love your continued enthusiasm Jewel…. never let it dim.Perhaps this coming year will be the year you become THE KNITTER! With that thought in mind… our birthday card is at Gramma’s house with a wee gift inside that may help you to achieve your goal by going toward needed supplies.Have a wonderful birthday on the 1st. Fair Maiden Love AuntE. & Uncle J. xoxo

  2. Knit on young damsel – live your dream and model that hose! All those hours on the elliptical will pay off as the perfect showcase for your masterpiece! Mom

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