Birthday blog for me from my mom

Happy Birthday to the child of my heart – I should have known when I felt that first little flutter under my heart, how you would steal in and take root. How two big brown eyes, topped with curly red hair, would entrance me. All of a sudden, the world was new again as I watched it unfold through your eyes. We’ve always referred to you as our little ray of sunshine – you would beam at the world, so sure in our love for you, that you just knew the whole world loved you too.

You’ve always been so fascinated with the working of things. I remember there was a play at the school on abuse – verbal, emotional and sexual. They invited the parents to preview it before giving consent, which I did. Then you saw it and I prepared myself for the question “Honey, do you have anything you’d like to ask me?” To which you replied, very solemnly “Yes, Mommy, I do”. As I steeled myself and hoped I could answer without traumatizing you, you asked “How did three people play all those parts?” I think this was the start of your love of the theatre.

You’ve also always seen the bigger picture. I remember after Poppa died, Gramma was pushing you on the swing and every time you got to the highest point you would shout out something. Finally, Gramma – who finally smiled in her grief – realised you were shouting at the top of your little lungs “Hi Poppa and Jesus!”.

You give yourself 100% to something and aren’t afraid of a challenge. Take sewing – I took lessons and managed to make an apron as my first project. You took one look, thought ‘I can do this’ and produced a beautiful satin lined velvet cloak complete with hood. From there, you made your own grad gown and countless costumes for Ampgard. Your creativity in forming the costume company “Fairy Tales” also placed you in the top five for the Entrepreneurs competition for the Region.

Sometimes when I look at you, I can’t believe that this beautiful, smart, witty young woman is my daughter. I count my blessings every day for both of my girls. My joy was doubled when I gave birth to your sister “Laurel the Great” three years and a day after you. I was ecstatic that I had a second daughter – you would have a sister (I have 3 and can’t imagine my life without them) and I would have another little girl to love.

So, Happy Birthday child of my heart – I love you. I’m proud of you – proud to call you my daughter, proud that you’re also my friend. The world is a better place with you in it, I’m blessed to be part of it. Mom XOXOXO


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