LAUREL THE GREAT’s Birthday… sorry it is a little late


I don’t quite remember when you were born, I am told that I was jealous of you and tried to steal your soother. And while I don’t remember this, I can probably accede to the fact that it is true. A certain part of me has always been jealous of you, but I think that is healthy and comes with the friendly competition of sibling rivalry.

What I do remember of being younger was that we were always together, willingly or unwillingly. Were I went, there you were. We took gymnastics together, and swimming lessons together, and while age separated us for brownies, I’m sure if you could you would have jumped up those steps from sparks to brownies as fast as possible to be with me. When we went camping we were each others best friends and enemy all at the same time. We shared friends, when we were younger unwillingly, and when we were older more willingly.

You and I are so similar, yet sometimes we are opposites. I never quite understood how this could be, yet a quarter is a quarter whether it is heads or tails, but there are still two different sides of a coin. One of us is heads, while the other is tails.

You were my shadow, my second half. But unlike Peter Pan I could never quite lose you. That is okay, I’m glad I never did. You challenged me. You were also my best friend. We went through some pretty rough times together, and because of those times we have bonded very close. You are my best friend in the whole wide world, and there is no one I trust more than you.

I know I haven’t always been the best big sister there is. I know that we fought. But being a big sister is hard. I had to break the ice for almost everything, which meant that it would be easier sailing for you. And maybe I didn’t say it enough, but I love you.

I am very proud of the young woman you have become. Proud to be your big sister, even prouder to be your friend. You are smart, and witty and intelligent. You are more the socialist and extrovert, than I am. You are outgoing and most almost always willing to go out and have a good time. You have good taste in music and in clothes, better than mine. And Rick isn’t too bad of a catch either (I’m just joking, I think he is fantastic).

I hope that all your dreams for the future come true and wish you a most excellent Happy Birthday.

Love Always,

Big sis,



One thought on “LAUREL THE GREAT’s Birthday… sorry it is a little late

  1. Now that you’ve made me cry, I just want to say how much I love the both of you and how proud I am of the young women you’ve become. As disfunctional as we were, we must have done something right! Mom

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