The socilizing experiment.. aka drinking 101

This little introvert has turned quite the social extrovert these past couple of weeks. I have been insanely busy, and a part of me totally thrives on it, and another part of me goes, no no, I need to hibernate. This weekend was my sister and mines birthday. Saturday night was party night. Sunday morning, was I got hit by a Mack truck day.

I wish my birthday was in the summer, we could rent a cabin somewhere and go camping, and have bonfires and beers, and swimming, and barbecues. That would be an awesome birthday party. Have all my close friends out for a weekend of fun. Unfortunately my birthday lands in the middle of winter, so we are left with things like bars to go to, or the movies. A pale substitute compared with camping for me.

Which really means we commenced mixology 101, aka the drinking experiment, whereby you drink as many different kind of drinks to insure your grand success by turning into a blubbering idiot, who is perhaps a wee bit emotionally unstable. And then for the grand finally when it is last call you become offended that they need to close the bar and rush over, or have someone who is more sober than you do the rushing, to acquire you your final amount of the elixir of idiot.

So we made the best of it, we had friends out. Loris friends showed up, only one of mine did, but I thank him all the same for coming. We started the night at Shawneseys, and ended it at my place for post drinks. Darren joined us after work, and was our DD back to the Hobbit Hole.

There was lots and lots of booze, and lots of laughter, and the band was good. The woman who was the lead singer in the band was in her early forties but looked more like early thirties. She took really good care of herself.

Tania, LAUREL the GREATs friend, put up with my drunken ramblings. I assure you that they followed no clear path of logic that I can remember. I vaguely remember giving her post relationship advice. It was supposed to be heart felt; unfortunately I think it just came out slurred.

We passed around the Fedora and took pictures, some were goofy, and some were supposed to be your sexy pose. I have discovered that I don’t know how to make a sexy face for the camera without mocking Victoria Beckam, which just looks funny instead of sexy.

Lori got me another Fedora for my birthday, did I ever mention how I like to collect hats. I think they are fantastic. They are like a jewelry accessory to me. The only problem is when people want you to take them off when you are indoors. It’s hard explaining why I want to keep it on; it’s like do I ask you to take your earrings off, or your necklace. The hat is same kind of accessory to me.

Oh and our bartender was fantastic. You could say give me something fruity, and she would make you a delicious drink. I had lots of Banana Cream sickles. Yum yum. I think the whole Mack truck experience comes from the mixing of the different drinks. I think we tried to sample the whole bar. I also don’t think that ordering doubles was the wisest course of action.

Next Year my loves, I think I want to travel somewhere on my birthday. I want to go see a musical or something fun and fantastic. Maybe I will fly to Hawaii for a week. I am definitely down with traveling though. LAUREL THE GREAT, you better start saving so we can travel together. Or we can rent a ski cabin at a chalet and go skiing for a weekend and hot tubing in the evening; that is the closest experience to camping in the winter. Actually I quite like that plan very much.

P.S. Sunday I visited with my Gramma and my Aunt Shan. I’m sorry I was poor company, however, thank you very much for your generous cards. I also had super at my parents place, where I only really at vegies, shrimp, and fruit, and skipped the main course. I’m sorry once again, that was all my tummy could handle. And sunday I got amazing gifts. The pic of me in the fedora is the try to be sexy pic. The fedora is my newest item to the hat collection. Thank you everyone for a wonderful birthday and amazing gifts. A girl can never have too many books. I alos hung up the picture you gave me mom; I hung it on one of the protruding previously place there not by me nails in my apartment. My head is on the bottom so A) I will be more prominent and B) my head looks less large on the bottom and more proportionate.

P.P. S. Sorry Rickolas I did not post any pictures of you on our adventures on Saturday evening. Dude you have to learn how to take better pictures. You resemble my dog when she gets caught with stupid face. And that is meant in the most kind and loving way possible.


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