the wee little socialites adventures continue

Darren stopped by my work the other morning after night shift. And I know we didn’t talk about anything too significant. There were no grand gestures of love, no earth breaking new to declare; just the regular day to day mundane hey I’m stopping by the grocery store is there anything you want, kind of stuff. And yet it still makes me feel like the most special girl in the whole wide world. I love that he stops on his way home, and I get a kiss, and I can mention that Rory had a wee accident in the apartment and that I cleaned it up as best I could at the time, but it still might be damp. It makes me smile and gives me a warm glow.

Anyways, this little socialites latest adventure include shopping on Monday evening, whereby I acquired purchased the starting of my new spring/summer wardrobe. I got a couple of blouses, two new pairs of jeans, a few tanks, some running shoes (I plan on doing a lot more outdoor exercising this summer) and a summer jacket. I want to go to Fabricland (once we have relocated our living situation and I will have an actually sewing room) and buy some material for a couple of summer dresses, a red jacket, and maybe a couple of blouses too. I will leave the pants situation up to Reitmans, because they seem to be the only place that has a realistic grasp on how women are actually shaped.

While we were at the mall on Monday evening there were collaborative can displays. Really it was awesome. Anyways, at the end of this post you will find the picture I took of the cans. Two points for every picture you guess correctly. Three points for creativity. Four points if you can somehow come up with a story for the picture that relates to my dog.

The continuing socialites adventures also included going out for super at Boston Pizza and going to go see the late show of The Other Boleyn Sister. Good movie, liked the book better. However, I understand what they cut out and why because they only have two hours to tell the story, so they had to make some executive creative decisions on how best to do that. The costumes however, were amazing. I also liked how they used there costuming to create similarity in the sisters and contrast at the same time.

My adventures also extended to Tuesday evening going over to Darren’s Dad’s place for supper. Good food, good company. We watched Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and the first five are really easy questions, and then they turn on the hard switch and I am all like who la, “I don’t know notin bout ‘merican history.” Say that last part like a real red neck please. We also watched Jeopardy, and the one woman was taking the wildest guesses, kept digging herself into a whole, and then rallied at the end and came in from behind on the final jeopardy question.

My socialite adventures also spilled into last night. My good friend Trevor came over for a quick visit after his vocal lessons in my neck of the woods. Yup, I have woods. Anyways he bought me the most awesome pair of sunglasses as a birthday gift. I don’t own sunglasses because I were glasses, but I still really like sunglasses and every now and then I rally myself and go for a search for sunglasses. But they all seam to fall short somehow. The ones he bought me rock, and I will be wearing my contacts a lot more this summer so I can show off my cool new shades. Plus I like the ambiance (wrong word but I am searching for something that means ambiance but in a more personalized manner) that sunglasses create. The look. The feel of them. The “I am so cool, and yet just looking casual and placed these on my face because of the sun, don’t you know.” Yah, that look.

So I am thinking that I have done my time as a socialite, and that hopefully I can look forward to a couple of evenings of solitude. But really, because I have been quite the little socialite, I am a-feared that I might miss my socializing and be in the middle of enjoying my solitude and then have this feeling hit me that something is missing. And that feeling will no longer allow me to enjoy my solitude but force me out of the house in search of sociale company. I think I will invite my parents over for super on Sunday; I am thinking either a ham or lasagna. Either or I cook really well and can’t screw them up. Nock on wood.

Until later my good friends. Many happy a socializing.


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