Jane Austen Book Club

“He looks at me like I’m the bowl of ice cream and he’s the spoon”- Jane Austen Book Club (the movie)

Is that not an incredible line or what? You really have to watch the whole movie though to get a true feeling for were this line comes from. I am really happy with the outcome of the movie, and although it is certainly predictable, the struggle to get where they are is believable. The whole movie itself is pretty darned phenomenal. It is fast paced and witty and funny. It is about the people’s lives of the book club and how their lives relate to those characters in Jane Austin’s novels. I highly recommend watching this to anyone. It is not necessarily a guy’s film, actually pretty far from it, but if you are going to get your man to watch a chick flick, and this one is worth making him suffer through.

I can only hope that the book is as good as the movie.


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