Blood Sucking Fiend

Dear Blog:

It has been brought to my attention that you are a blood sucking vampire . Yes you blog. I am talking to you. That you suck the time and creativity right out of aspiring writers much the way that vampires will suck a person dry of there life force, blood. As I am an aspiring writer, my life force is my creative prowess.

Now truly it is not solely your fault as I was the one to first volunteer that life force to you. I may admit that the Yarn Harlot and her blog can take some of the blame because they are so very amusing. And that I may have sought you out in hopes to gain that same companionship that she shares with her blog.

I realize that I sought you out and not the other way around. However, you must also admit that you have your own charms and are quite sexy and appealing and alluring. You offered me an easy release that did not require much effort. Enough is enough. There is only so much I can give and I need to lay down the law. I am willing to expend my time writing amusing tidbits of my life for your enjoyment, but I will no longer sustain your life force with my creative blood.

I am taking back control of your monstrous blood sucking habits and ways. You are going on a diet. I have decided that as I really do live a very boring and mundane life and that you need no more than three blogs per week, probably less. My days are much the same. I get up, go to work, get home from work, run errands in my evenings, and go to bed. Repeat process. I read a little in there too, and try to work on creative projects. I also slot in some time for the gym, my dog, and my mate. The weekends are a little bit more freeform, so I might find blog fodder there. You will not demand material from me though. I will grace you with it when I feel like it.

What I need to be expending my time, blood, and energy on is the actual writing of my novel. I need to think in fiction, and not how to make mundane reality more amusing. It is easy to write about real life rather than come up with a whole new world from the bottom up, or top down, whichever way you prefer. No more easy route for me.

And while your seductive allure may have led me to believe that you were writing time and helping me out, what you were really doing was distracting me from my true purpose. A way of putting off what I am scared to look straight in the eye, the flow of my creative powers. I can no longer constitute you as writing time. My conscious will not allow me to. You are bloging time. Bloging is not writing.

I hope that we are perfectly clear of the rules of the game now, and the role that you play in my life. I am sorry if this letter has upset you, however you needed to know the truth. I hope you can understand, and see the logic and reason behind this.


Pieces Muse


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