My sock scavenger hunt day.. a little belated..

Alright I realize I haven’t posted in a while, and I wish I could give you a better reason then the one I have. I wish I could tell you that I have been furiously typing on my novel or something to that effect, but I haven’t. Really it has just been a huge conglomeration of things, all relatively mundane, but enough to keep me away from bloging and writing. I have been reading though, so that feels a little accomplishing.

Anyways on April 1, 2008 the Yarn Harlot’s latest book was released: Things I learned from Knitting whether I wanted to or not. I have finished reading it and found it a hilariously good read. Very light, so if you can’t concentrate on anything too demanding this allows you a good laugh and a sense of accomplishment. Plus she is very witty, and reading her allows me to think of different styles of writing.

So on with the point. For her release date she had a sock scavenger hunt all around Toronto, where the goals was to take pictures of a sock in progress a varying locations. Here’s a link to her list. Well I was a wee bit jealous and decided that I was going to take place in the free styling event. I totally meant to post my pictures much sooner, but have not.

Also, my mom and I kind of cheated. We went out on March 29, 2008 to get our pictures around here, because we both work and that seamed like a good time for us anyways. Really not better reason than that, it was a really amusing Saturday afternoon anyways. We brought Rory, the confused dog who has cat like habits. She plays with yarn and insists on jumping up and lying on the back of the couch and on the arms of it.

So without further ado… here are the much awaited for and anticipated pictures and not in the order in which they were taken. Moihahahahahahaha…

We went to the Groto (SP? mom, I knot you’ll let me know if I didn’t get it right). And while I am not particularly religious, I did manage to get the first three stages (three pictures above here) of what this is suposed to be representing (once again mom chime in here and fill me in on the details I am obviously forgetting. ) We had a fun time hicking up a hill while my dog tried to get as close as she could to the edge before I started to freak out. Also lots of snow in our shoes. Good Times.

This is the train station. Not that we have many trains that are carying passengers, but I mean if you were on a train and coming to Sudbury, this is were you would stop and get off. I love trains. I love old buildings.

The above three pictures are some sort of mining monument. Did I mention that I live in mining central. Really neat sculpture if you ever get a chance to check it out. It is at Bell Park. The details are phenominal.

This picture is the first signs of spring. I was ever so hopeful, and then we had a snowstorm two days ago. Sigh….

This is our bridge of flags. Flags from all over the world. Sure there is an oficial name for it, and by all means if you knot it chime in. The Canada flag is int he middle of the bridge on the left hand side in this photograph on the talest flag post. Makes me a little proud.

This my dears is as close as I could get to the smoke stack, the primary defining quality up here. Really it’s like being able to see the CN tower in Toronto. Here we look for our smoke stack.

This is the Big Nickel. I asked my mom what hapened to the big quarter, and the loonie, and the penny, and the dime. They might have been here at one point or another, or not. Either way our primary mining industry is nickel anyways.

This is a picture of an air plane in the bars. Kind of abstract, you can only see the plane if you are looking at the right angle. Or else you are just wondering why there are a bunch of metal posts sticking up out of the ground like that. Thought it was neet. I aquired this picture over at Science North.

This is Science North. Or at least the part of it that host the majority of the atractions. It is fashioned in a giant snow flake. Many a school field trips spent here.

And the piece du resistance. My dog who thinks she is a cat playing with my ball of yarn and sock in progress out on ramsey lake.

And loves, that was my sock scavenger hunt day. I blew off ice fishing for those pictures. Admitadly the only part of ice fishing I am any good at it the beer drinking and the complaining I am cold, so I did not feel it was too big of a sacrifice.


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