Random Thought Thursdays:

  1. Dog walking is a social culture. Really it is. I have had a dog all my life (most of it anyways), but I was never really a dog walker. Until this last dog. I love to take Rory for a walk because she loves it, and it gives us both exercise. But boy oh boy do you meet a lot of people on the road. Some have nice dogs, some dogs aren’t very social. Some owners aren’t very social, and some owners are extra social. It is really kind of neat. I personally like meeting the different breads of dogs.
  2. I have written approximately eight pages of my novel. Not consecutive. Different scenes that need further elaboration, but this makes me really excited. There is more I need to write still, but I need to think it through.
  3. Euphoria has its ups and downs. I still love my new hair cut, but am finding it looks best when I freshly style it from wet by blow drying and then tweaking with a straightener. The only problem is that my current routine I shower at night and dry my hair before I go to bed and when I wake up I have bed head. I have some solutions for this, but it is a little disappointing that my hair looks more fabulous before I go to bed, then when I go to work in the morning.
  4. We have a new customer at work and he is from down south in the United States, and has the most awesome southern drawl. Love answering the phone when he calls, I am so amused by his voice.
  5. My current reading projections are to read all of the nominees for the hugos, nebulas and the locus’. I am reading some other stuff in-between, but this seams like a decent goal. I want to know what potential award winners write like. What makes there concepts worth a nomination.
  6. I really really want to go to Newfoundland. A friend of mine is getting married in the summer back in her home town there and I just got the wedding invitation and I really want to go. I just have to figure out if I can afford to go, and if I can how I am going to get there, and when I am going to travel and if I am doing this alone or if Darren can get the time off to go with me. Also if we/I are going to have enough time to go and see other parts of Newfoundland. Its one of those things that if I don’t go I know I am going to regret it for quite some time.
  7. I really need to eat some barbequed chicken. The way my parents make it. Marinated in Italian salad dressing over night and then barbequed to perfection with barbeque sauce. I am so jonesing it is not even funny.
  8. Did I mention I am scared to write in the evenings. I can totally see myself getting carried away and all of a sudden my alarm clock will be going off for me to get up and go to work and I won’t have slept one bit because I spent the whole night writing. I’m not sure if any of yous have the same fear, but if you do feel free to point me in the right direction.

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