Anticipation for an awsome summer

I think we’re going to Newfoundland this summer for Stephy’s wedding. Darren and I took a look at the financials and we can afford it, because it isn’t as expensive as we originally anticipated. I am so freaking excited and happy.

Now all I have to do is stick to my diet and exercise regimine to get to were I want to be for the summer, and It will be one of the most amazing summers I have had in a long time. i really want to have a decent bikini body, and while I am okay with were I am know, I think I am at my limit of my okay-ness to the situation. Now I have to start cracking down. Ah well. I like a challenge.

Other things to anticipate for the summer, is spending much more time outside so that I actually look like the red head i was born to be. And I wouldn’t mind a decent glow of sunkissed skin, instead on this pasty white thing I have going on right now.

I really just want to be outside more this summer enjoying it. Doing fun things like canoeing, and hiking, and swimming. I didn’t get hardly any of that in last summer. Actually none for that matter. So disapointing.

Anyways summer, feal free to hit any time soon. I promise that we are totally over snow and winter until maybe next winter, maybe even a little longer than that. You could at the very least hold out until next December. That would be fantastic.


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