Things I never thought I would be excited about.

Alright guys I really have been taking quite the hiatus from bloging.

Darren and I are trucking right along on life’s goals down a path that leads to settling down. Not a bad thing, I wouldn’t mind a place to call my own, but a little intimidating considering there is so much I still want to do. But that is the joy of life, the journey of all the experiences. Things I never though I would be exited about I am totally psyched for now.

We are going to be living in my parents second house come the beginning of June. This is really awesome because it means a significant improvement on space, something that we seam to be lacking in the Hobbit Hole. Well that means that we need things to go in that house. Things that we currently do not possess in our minute living conditions. You know like a fridge and stove, washer and dryer. Maybe a living room set too. Those items are all included in the Hobbit Hole.

So we had to go on a hunt for these items. I have slowly begun to realize that both Darren and I have very expensive tastes in things. Actually it was a sudden realization when we were looking at fridges and realized that even though we do not know the dimensions of were our fridge will be going we still wanted the mammoth fridge. You know you don’t have to keep the fridge in the whole in the kitchen it is designed for. You can keep it in your living room if you really want. Closer to the TV, like a beer fridge.

We could just get the cheaper fridge and stove. But neither one of us is willing to give that much ground on what we like and want. We got the mammoth fridge with the freezer on the bottom. There was a fridge that was slightly cheaper and just a smidgen smaller, but Darren liked the freezer organization on the more expensive one, and seeing as how he is paying for most of this (more like all of this) it was his final decision that got us the bigger one.

We did cut a few corners on things that I liked, that were more expensive that I felt I could live without. Aesthetically we went with white because it was cheaper even though I like the look of stainless steal better. Also for our washer and dryer we went with the white one because the colored ones were most expensive. We also didn’t get the steamer option on our washer. Because honestly I will simply wash something if it needs freshening rather than steam it. Those were our compromises.

We also went and bought ourselves some couches. Now these make me really really happy. Because they are the ones that I have been coveting since the moment I laid eyes on them. I swear it was like love at first sight. They are huge. The big one will fit Darren lying down and width wise we could both cuddle up on there without fear of falling off. We also got the love seat and the chair that looks like a slightly smaller love seat. We went without the over sized foot stool. That was the cutting back we did there. It is all really pretty olive color and is made of a super heavy duty cord like material, that should last us for quite some time.

I had originally thought about the micro suede, but none of the colors seamed to go with our current decor, Rory fur. And well none of them were as big as this couch set. One of my main things was that Darren had to be able to lie down on it, and I like how deep it is so we can both cuddle up on it. Also none of the micro suede couches that we had scene was long enough or deep enough.

I took my mom to see it while I was still coveting it and we hadn’t bought it yet, and the only complaint she gave me was that you can’t sit in it with your back to the back and your feet on the floor because it is too deep. But honestly, when I am at home relaxing on my couch my feet are up and tucked under me or I am lying on my couch. Relaxing is not formal time so sitting properly on my furniture never really came into consideration while I was choosing it.

Now the only frustrating part is that we would really love to be in the house with all of our new stuff. Yup I would love to occupy the space with all of my new goodies. I mean we have spent money on them. It would be nice to use them.

P.S. The other day my mom found some toilet paper on sale and she bought some for me. I was so exited. I never thought I would ever be that exited over toilet paper. I like taking joy in things like that. How the smallest thing can make me smile. Shows that life will please you in the most unexpected ways. A good lesson to learn, keep your mind open to the posibilities and don’t let any joy escape you.


One thought on “Things I never thought I would be excited about.

  1. Glad the toilet paper tickled your fancy (so to speak). You’re going to have to get extra cushions on the couch for when your short legged/fat ass Momma comes to visit – ha! ha!

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