Favourit websites

So every day I have a few haunts that I like to visit online to check for updates. Mostly they are blogs, some are information based, but all of them are good.

Without further ado here is my list and why they rock.

Yarn Harlot: She ranks number one. I love her. She makes me laugh and inspires me to want to knit. She is an amazing woman, and she is on a path in life that I would love to lead. She has come to it from a modest background and one I can feel that I can relate too. I feel that my dreams aren’t as insurmountable as she has achieved hers. Anyways, go back through the archives and read all of her material if you get the chance. She is really witty.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine: Mostly I go to the blog there. On Friday’s they have free fiction. This is awesome. I love to read, so any stories that are for free is great. It also gives me a better feel for short stories, there formatting and style. F&FS also keeps you updated on the various award nominations in the sci-fi/fantasy world.

Great Big Sea: Okay seriously, I love there music. They are so inspirational. Listen to there lyrics. They are very uplifting, and upbeat music. I like Alan’s on the road blog, he has a way with words. I really like Tosh (tells no) Tails (Sean’s dog’s blog). It’s new, but it is absolutely hilarious. Plus Sean has the most soulful eyes. A girl could get lost in those. Best not to ever meat him in person. Also there new song Walk on the Moon is available to listen to from there home page, click on the bass cleft. It is a beautiful song that brings tears to my eyes.

Rick Mercer Rant: He hasn’t posted a new one in quite some time, but I still think he is hilarious. I am not a huge one for politics; my general rule of thumb is to avoid them at all costs. But Rick Mercer takes a really refreshing outlook on it, and has not compunctions against calling them on their bullshit. He almost makes me want to take voting seriously.

The Weather Network: I know I am a geek. Nothing is ever really true on the weather network and I really would have better luck reading sci-fi to figure out the forecast but a part of me still hopes that there is some measure of truth in the forecast. The other part of me likes to secretly gloat with glee whenever they are wrong in our favor. Like they forecast rain and there is nothing but sunny skies. Makes me wonder it they ever actually step outside.

Knitty: Knitting stuff. Yup free patterns and a lot of them really rock. Some of the older patterns in the archive are a bit outdated, but were fashionable for the time. I also really like there articles on technique. They have a blog there too and a forum.

Revelry: this is the devils work I swear. It is another addictive knitting site. I try not to visit too often or when I have lots of time to spare or else I might never see daylight again. Everything you would ever need to organize your knitting stash. They have patterns and you click on them and add them to the list of things you want to knit. They have forums to talk to people about knitting. Everything you could possibly desire in knitting organization spawns there. (you have to sign up for an account to explore ravelry, and there is a wee bit of a waiting list. It took me less than two weeks to get my invite)

Coloursknits: Another knitting blog. She doesn’t update as often as I would desire, but her photography of her pieces is absolutely amazing. I love almost all of the projects that she tackles and can only hope that one day I will knit that well.

Brooklyn Tweed: A male knit blogger. I love his lace knit in heavier yarn. This guy has amazing vision when it comes to looking at a pre-existing pattern and seeing that it isn’t working for him, but also how he can make it work. He takes sweaters and turns them into cardigans. I love that.

Asimov: A Science Fiction magazine. Sometimes you can grab some free fiction off of their site. Especially when it is close to nominee season and something from their magazine is up for a nomination. Then they want to make it as available as possible so that those casting the vote can not go with the excuse that the fiction was unavailable to them before they make a proper enlightened response.

There are other websites that I check out random sporadically, you know when I think about them or something, but the ones above definitely make my top ten list. To be perfectly honest I didn’t even know I had that many websites that I like to visit on a regular basis. I just kind of came up with my favourites and then wrote about them and then counted how many there were. Crazy.


One thought on “Favourit websites

  1. Hey girl – where do you get the time??? Sounds like a great list, knitting is not my passion, nor is politics, but I think I’ll check out Great Big Sea.

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