Writing Muse, oh where for art thow (sp? mom?)

It has occurred to me that the only time I truly feel inspired to write is when I am absolutely bored out of my freakin mind. Would you like to know when I am bored out of my freakin mind?

At work, ladies and gents, yup while I am at work. I am most inspired to write then and come up with really fun scenes and witty remarks that I try to subtly jot down on pieces of paper so that I can take it home and elaborate upon it.

And you want to know why I try and do this subtly on pieces of paper? Because computer usage can be tracked. I am not entirely sure to what extent but my boss has made it perfectly clear that work time is for work, their work, not my work. Go figure.

So the need to be creative hits me hardest after several hours of number punching in excel, when I am at my weakest and most vulnerable state because I really am not a numbers girl, sure I am good at it, but I don’t like it. And liking it is what makes you that type of person. And so I must be strong and appease the muse to the best of my ability and maintain a job at the same time.

And you would think that now that I have a long weekend off that the first thing I would do was type up all of those notes on various stories and just have a holiday and go nuts about it and stay up way past my bedtime and sleep at odd hours and get up and write some more. You would think that that would be all I would want to do with my time.

What I did for the first day off of my long weekend? I cleaned my apartment top to bottom. Yup, it had been neglected for a few weeks now by both Darren and I, and I couldn’t think straight in here any longer. Dad be happy, cleaning has rubbed off on me. Shudder.

It has also occurred to me after it has been cleaned that I still can’t think straight in here because it just doesn’t feel like the right environment for creativity. But somehow I also think it is a lack of boredom. See I have my dog to take for a walk, and supper to make, and books to read that no one is going to stop me from reading. And a tv (although I prefer the silence to mindless tv), and a multitude of other things that are fun that I can do that I won’t get in trouble for doing. Crazy.

So in conclusion I don’t know how I am ever going to get this writing career underway at all if I am not at least tolerably allowed to write at work. Either that or I need more self discipline.

Anyways, going to work on my notes and see if that brings me any progress. See if the muse likes my home environment, maybe she’ll appreciate a little hard work on my behalf and then when I am weak and can’t resist she will strike. You know, right when I am about to cave and make supper, or go to sleep or something of that nature. She’ll be like oh no Biatch, you are mine. You complained and now I am here, so take it like a champ or not, but take it all the same. Yah my muse is a little mean and vindictive.


One thought on “Writing Muse, oh where for art thow (sp? mom?)

  1. Oh boy, I finally feel free to edit and you only make one typo – what did you do – run it through spell check a dozen times?? Now, I’m sure you make a super supper – actually I know you do because I’ve eaten your suppers before, but supper has two “p”s – one for each hip – ha! ha!

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