Stuff to acomplish

I have decided to post on a trial basis my list of things I wish to accomplish over the weekend. This way I might (very slight might) feel more motivated to actually accomplishing these goals.

  • Pick up check and Deposit it
  • Pick up some wine (no specific quantity, just some)
  • Clean up kitchen (do dishes, put away clean ones, and tidy up table)
  • Make super (pork loin and rice)
  • Clean up Bathroom (mirrors, sink, toilet and shower)
  • Sweep floor
  • Start packing (start in storage closet, and move on into living room)
  • Make check and Mail for sailing lessons
  • Finish reading Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine
  • Finish reading Off Armageddon Reef
  • Laundry (sort, wash, and fold)
  • Type up notes for stories, also proof them
  • And random fun stuff
  • Up credit balance on credit card (I’m flying to Newfoundland this summer, and I need a wee bit more room on my credit card than given to buy the plain tickets, plus I was some emergency room left)
  • Reserve U-haul for move

Now the ones in a different colour are the ones that I have accomplished so far. Not a bad start. The rest have yet to be determined by thee weekend. The rules are that the weekend starts on Friday (sometime, very vague) and ends Monday morning when I get to work wich is around 8:30 am. Other than that all is fair in love and war.


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