Please someone ask me how my weekend went. Ask me if I got anything from my to do list accomplished. Ask me how the packing went. Really, honestly, I dare you to.

I had a very good weekend. It was in no way shape or form productive at all to anything I had on my to do list, except for the random fun stuff. Friday evening I attacked my kitchen and had it looking like a kitchen and then Sunday it looked like a bomb had went off under the kitchen table.

I got roped into playing softball this weekend. If you know me, you would know that I am not the most athletic individual, preferring to curl up with a good book. But Darren had joined a co-ed softball team at work, and I was going out to go and see his Saturday afternoon games. On the way he calls me to tell me that they are a wee bit short, and they might need me to play. And by might, when I got there I played. Afterwards they totally assumed that I would be playing and be a part of the team for the rest of the season. I am going with this assumption based on the fact that I now have a team t-shirt.

Surprising things about softball.

I actually liked it. Yup, me and a sport relatively got along. Helps that my teammates are really nice and tolerable and don’t expect much of me, except to be an extra girl for their team.

On their second game on Saturday, my first, I scored the only run of the game and it was another girl who hit me in. Yah, my terms are a little off, I will hopefully get better as the season progresses.

On our Sunday game, I caught the ball out in left field (it was left from were I was standing). I was totally stunned. My team was totally stunned. The other team was totally stunned. I stood there with this look of amazement on my face. I mean I know I was running for it with my glove out, but I totally didn’t expect it to land in my glove.

I learnt a lot of new rules for softball, well new to me anyways (its all new considering I didn’t know a damned thing). Like when I caught the ball, after that they could have started running basis, until the ball got thrown in and they were tagged out before they got to a base, or they got safely to a base and stayed there. I also learnt a few other ones, but I won’t bore you too much with more details.

Softball is a really good workout. Darren was destroyed on Sunday and could barely play. Today I feel it all over, my stomach and back and arms and legs. It is a complete body work out. This is good because I didn’t even realize I was getting this much exercise, and I was having fun. I normally totally loath working out, but do it so I don’t end up with an even bigger rear end than I already have.

I need lots of practice at hitting the ball, at catching the ball, and at throwing the ball. Basically I am the weakest link. This doesn’t bother me to much, as long as my team mates don’t get mean about it. If they do, then I won’t play. That is the main reason I don’t like sports. When they get too serious, and I suck, I get picked on. Don’t need it; I am just doing it for fun.

Other things I accomplished this weekend: I finished my fantasy and science fiction magazine, and I made super once. I also went to go and see Indiana Jones, the newest one, this weekend with my parents and Darren. We did this on Sunday evening. Good times. It was a really packed weekend with lots of fun things to do. I had a great time. The only thing I would have liked to have added to my weekend was going to go and check out the Celtic and highland festival down in Bell Park. But that was only happening on Saturday, and by the time we were done ball, it was over.

Oh yeah, the outcome of ball. We had our bums totally kicked. They one their first game on Saturday, I wasn’t there for that one. And the other three of the weekend we didn’t do so well. But it was good times. Right guys? Right? Guys?

P.S. No pictures of my humilation at playing softball guys. Sorry. Maybe when I don’t look so ackward I might get some pictures, but right now it is pretty rough stuff.


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