Random Updates

1. Alright so this past weekend didn’t turn out how I expected it to, but at the same time, neither does life really. Let’s just say that there were complications with the desired move in date, and some renovations that need to be completed before hand.

2. I played softball, and have another game scheduled for this upcoming Monday. I managed to hit the ball twice, but it is kind of negated by the fact that the ball managed to hit me twice. We lost, but we don’t exactly have a super team either, most of the girls have never played before, and the rest of the team are miners. That should mean that they are hard working but let’s face it we come from a unionized town. Maybe by the end of the season we will know what we are doing, or at least be a bit more coordinated.

3. I bought my plane tickets to Newfoundland, so here I come Stephy, are you ready? Yah a good friend of mine from Brampton moved back home (to the Rock) and is getting married. I really really really really really (times a hundred billion) wanted to go. And Darren being the sweetheart that he is, is humouring me by coming as well. It’s going to be good times.

4. A small bit of news about work. I am officially employed there now, and am no longer through a staffing agency. A few small perks include paid vacation time of 10 days (I won’t have accrued that much time by the time I leave to go to Newfoundland this summer, but for the future, that is what I have). I will also get paid for stat holidays now, and I have a raise (compared to what the staffing agency was paying me). Plus it feels like a wee bit of job security.

5. My check for the sailing lessons has finally been cashed (I mailed it off about a week and a half ago, and considering that it was going to the same town in which I mailed it I thought it would have been cashed a lot sooner). That means that I am down about 200$ right now at a fairly crucial time. But it also means that I am going to learn how to sail. This makes me extraordinarily happy. I will have to miss one softball game, but I think it is totally worth. One step closer to becoming a Pirate.

6. My writing is coming along. No new developments on the novels (did I mention that I have about 4 novel ideas, 2 of which could be trilogies). But I have been brainstorming a lot of short story ideas. I have a notebook that I bring a lot of places with me so when an idea strikes I can just write it down. I need to type up those notes, that is on my list of things to do this week sometime.

7. Euphoria shall strike once again tomorrow evening at 6:30. I’ll just let you figure that one out.


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