Once upon a time there was a machine that when vroom

“So on this day, you shall be King.” Said an ominous voice in the sky.

“Why?” asked the man on the earth.

“Well because I said so… and um.. you can only be kind until the birthday in wich you are able to get another motorcycle.”

“Well um.. that’s a bit confusing.” Said earth man.

“Damit I am the ominous voice in the sky. I make the rules. So take that! HA!”

And that is why the man in the following story shall be referred to as the King. Because as the narrator I am aloud to be the ominous voice in the sky.

Once upon a time there was a King. This King had a motorcycle. On an outing one day in the back of the kingdom there was a horrible accident in which the King barely escaped with his life and foot, but not his motorcycle. It was a tragic end for the candy apple red vehicle of vroom. The queen having had quite the scare said no more motorcycles because they equal almost certain death.. almost.

But the King took it to mean just road bikes and that a dirt bike did not apply to the motorcycle rule. So he went and got himself the fastest meanest dirt bike around at the time. He road it without death, but with lots of broken bones.

However, he still longed for a motorcycle. He spent much time coveting one and drooling over them like a newborn. After many many years and many other brushes with death the Queen finally relented and told the King that if he could afford one he could have one. The King not really wanting to relent his title as King did really really want a motorcycle. So after careful deliberation he acquired a motorcycle within that same week the Queen had granted him his wish.. sort of. And you know because Kindly duties can be really tiring.

The King has never been happier. It has been one of the best summers in a long time for the happiness fairy to visit and sprinkle her magical happy dust. However, the King has been neglecting his duty as a carpenter to his fair princess daughter by riding and shinning his most coveted positions – the motorcycle. The princess is relatively okay with this as long as she gets to go for rides on the vroom vroom at fast speeds. She can be bribed.

This past weekend it was the Kings birthday. And so after a summer of vroom and presents for his to ride on the motorcycle (to which is still must be named) he relinquished the title of King. However, that does not relinquish him of his duties as the princess carpenter. The princess and the now not King also spent a most lovely day on the motorcycle for a toy drive in the kingdom

Also the princess and the now not King have never gotten along better that she can remember. It has been a most enjoyable summer indeed.

P.S. I need to acquire my dad’s camera temporarily to procure some pictures of us with the new bike. He gets someone to take pictures before all of our outings and I am beginning to think that they are all going to start to look the same. I’ll have to start wearing different pants.


One thought on “Once upon a time there was a machine that when vroom

  1. Well, as the Queen of this fair Kingdon – I say job well done Princess Daughter. You’re right, the happiness fairy has visited our kingdom and should the granted wish result in death, it will be a much happier death (is there any such thing?).

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