Twilight Saga

I had walked through the book store and noticed these tantalizing new books, the covers were fascinating and the collection was prominently displayed. I noticed them, but paid them no head. I then heard about them. They were being referred to as the next biggest thing since Harry Potter, maybe even bigger. I was skeptical; I had a profound dislike to have a book compared to another book by a different author. Two authors will never write the same, they each have their own voice. That is the allure of being author loyal, you like the voice in which they write, their style of writing, how they weave a story and draw you in. No two authors will do it the same way. It’s a very unique field.

The books I had been trying to ignore were the Twilight saga, by Stephenie Meyer. I was doing quite well. The movie trailer hadn’t even enticed me to read them. My level of scorn just got bigger as the popularity rose. However, Robin Hobb did a book review on them on her blog on myspace. That is pretty freaking good praise coming from another author. And so I thought that maybe just maybe I would give it a try.

I decided that if the books were all that they were cracked up to be I probably would want my own set in hard cover. Well it just so happens that I have a membership online to a science fiction and fantasy book club, were I receive hard covers for half of the retail value. I made an executive decision. I was going to order the books. I decided that I would get the first book shipped right away, and put the other three on hold. If I liked the first one I would hit send on the rest. If I didn’t like it, then I wouldn’t have a collection of books I wanted nothing to do with, only one that I could donate to the library or something.

Now here is were it all went downhill. Were my will power completely crashed and I crossed a very scary line into the world of obsession. I placed my order on Thursday, September 4. That upcoming weekend I decided to do a bit more preliminary research to see what I was getting myself into. I wanted to know what to expect. They were YA books. So I wanted to know were they going to be magical and sweep me away, or were they going to boar me to tears with simplicity.

The premises of the books are a Vampire love story. That is the barebones of it. The reality I can only imagine is so much more. I started out by visiting her website – reading her facts regarding the first book. I didn’t want to read too much information about the other books, because I wanted to leave it as a surprise.

Come Monday though I was getting more and more anxious for the books to arrive. I wanted to know more about this world. About these people. About Bella and Edward. I heard of team Edward and Team Jacob. Who was Jacob??

Monday hit and I was curious enough about the whole series to hit send on the other three books. If it was all it was cracked up to be I didn’t want to have to wait another three to four weeks to receive the rest of the books. I know myself. I would want to pick them up right after I put down Twilight.

Midnight Sun – is the first book in the series, Twilight, told from Edwards perspective. The first twelve Chapters are online on her website to read. I can only hope that she finishes it and it gets the editing done and the time in the spotlight that the book deserves. It saddens me that it was leaked and is now in jeopardy of never being completed for her readers to view. I didn’t want to read it until after I had read Twilight. But my curiosity was getting the best of me. I started reading it. It is locked so that you can’t print it out, so I was only able to read it while I was at a computer. I finished it by Friday.

Saturday I went to the mail (September 13). No books. That is fine. I was told it would take 10 to 15 business days. It had only been 7 at that point. I went on Monday – no books, fine it is only 8 days. Tuesday – no books, fine it was only 9 days. I am going on ten days today – Wednesday. I should get the first book sometime between this Wednesday, September 18 and next Wednesday, September 24. The other books I should receive between September 19 and September 26. Now the only thing I am getting antsy about is that I did a change of address right before I ordered the books. I am hopping they were sent to the right mailing address. If they were sent to the wrong one I’ll still get them as it’s my parents post office box. But now I need to monitor both boxes religiously.

However, with all of this waiting I needed more to tide me over. So I have caved even further. I have read every outtake and extra for everyone one of her books. I have read every beginning sample chapter. I have watched interviews. I have read interviews. I had watched movie trailers. I have become obsessive.

I may have even gone so far as to look up some fan fiction. I digress I was becoming that antsy. But I realized that I wanted to get to know the characters from Stephenie’s perspective. Feel them how they were meant to be felt and portrayed. Not how someone else interpreted them and is now portraying them. I don’t know about you but when I read a book I take away something, and it might not be the same something that someone else takes away with them. So while I am touched by the amount of fan fiction out there, I really want to experience the characters first how they weren’t meant to be experience and then take from them my own perspectives of them.

I keep trying to talk myself into/out of going to chapters and buying the first two books in soft cover to tide me over. But if the rumors can be believed and it is as good as the teenage masses have declared it to be, then I will probably gobble them down in two days. And I would have two extra books. And still be waiting for the rest of them to come in, in the mail. I keep making deals with myself – if they are not in by this date then I will cave and go and buy them. I think by the weekend of the 27, if I haven’t received at least Twilight, I will then go and buy at least that one.

In the mean time I can’t seam to concentrate on the other book that I am reading. Phenomenal author – Christopher Moore. Witty. But I am just jonesing for something else so bad right now that I am unable to give him the due respect his work deserves.

And one final bone of contention to pick. I really dislike the clichéd reviews that state that readers “can’t wait to sink their teeth into” the next book. I never ever want a review that is that tacky attached to a book I might write. I find it talks down to the audience and doesn’t add any enticing appeal what so ever. I feel sad that Stephenie has to tolerate that level of un-creativity and ignorance attached to her works. No author no matter how good or bad should have such tackiness attached to their works.

Now if only I could write this much of my own books rather than admit my complete adoration for a set of books I haven’t read yet, I would be that much closer to becoming an author. But I just can’t concentrate on anything right now until those books are in my hands. It is going to be a long week and a half yet to come.

P.S. I called the book club today to make sure that they have the correct shipping address, waiting for e-mail was taking too long. They do. The proof – the one night I decide to be zen about it all and don’t make Darren race home before the mail closes to check and see if I have a parcel – that is when I get a parcel ticket in my mail box. Today. Tomorow night we are going to play beat the traffic. Lets see who wins.


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