My Night in shinning Armor

The following is the blog post I should have posted two weeks ago, Friday September 19. I didn’t well, because me being me just never got around to it what with actually reading the most coveted book series.

After I post this I am going to post my book review on the series. There will be spoilers.

My Night in Shinning Armor.

Although I am not sure whether or not Darren understands my complete love for books and their magical nature, he understands the need for me to be happy. When I am not happy I am unbalance and hard to be around. When I am happy I am still unbalance but perhaps a little easier to be around. I love Darren for his way of being able to deal with me, because I know I am not an easy person. I also love him immensely for a variety of other reasons, but the fact that he has managed to stick it out for this long gives the man some street credit or something.

The reason why he is my savior at this point has a bit of a back story involving my complete obsession with the Twilight series and their much anticipated arrival in the mail.

I had got a slip in the mail that said I had a parcel. I was quivering with excitement, like a puppy. It was like Christmas morning. Darren came to pick me up yesterday after work (well I left a wee bit early, but I was in early so it works right?) and we made it to Azilda in time at the post office where I eagerly handed over the parcel slip practically glowing. She handed me a box. Admittedly a much large box than I anticipated to hold the first book in the series.

You see I had ordered the first book first and then hit send on the rest of the series several days later. When I got to the car I opened the ominous box. It was half of my order for the second order I had placed. I was confused. I thought well maybe the first book is on back order as are the rest of the books in my second order. I called the company in order to be enlightened. They said they had made a shipment on the 9, 10, 11, and 12. Admittedly being a book slut I am expecting 15 books within the next two weeks. Although five of them are not for me and are duplicates and are a gift for someone else.

Now originally when I was concerned that they had the wrong shipping address and called they had said that they had shipped out material on the 9, 10, 11, and 12. Which with my logic made sense because I had place four orders so I assumed that those were the four orders being shipped out in the sequence in which I had place them.

When I called for clarification on the box in my lap while I was in the car, she explained to me that they ship them out as they find them with complete disregard for keeping a series together and even the order in which one might have placed their order. I was flabbergasted that they could have so little respect for books and the people that worshipped them.

I was devastated. I was really really really anticipating being able to read the first book in the series this weekend and I was also I bit skeptical on how I was going to drag it out until the second book reached me considering the rave reviews and the pace at which most of the audience had already read it. I no longer had to worry about pacing myself, there in my lap sat the second and fourth book. But not the first book.

I may have lost control and started pouting and then that maybe I might have started crying out of frustration. At which point Darren might not have understood, but asked me if I new anyone that read. Well of course I do, my mom and my sister. But you know not everyone reads the same stuff. I was trying to logic it out with myself that if I didn’t receive the next shipment on Friday with the first book in the series in it then I would be forced to turn around and head back into town to buy it because I was running out of patience and could no longer stand the suspense. Also I may have been driving the people around me absolutely crazy with my obsession for the books.

However, in my fit of reasoning with myself, all done behind some sniffling and tears, in my head, I thought well if I was resigned to buying the book anyways I might as well do it tonight so I can quite this mail charade and relax a bit. Darren had precisely the same thought. That if it was so important to my happiness that I have these books now and not wait then we would be going back into town to get them… after super. We need nourishment.

We went home, I finished making super (my slow cooker burn my spaghetti sauce, yes I had it on low, so my dog dot most of the supper that night. She was pleased and had quite the pot belly). And afterwards both Darren and I went in to retrieve me some happiness in the form of 498 pages of bookly entertainment.

At the bookstore I picked up the first and third book. My logic being that if they (being the book company I ordered the books from) have absolutely no respect for books and the people that read them, then I have no respect for them. I got the third book so I could happily read along at my own pace and not worry about the mail except to now go on Saturday morning to check for parcels instead of trying to get their in the evenings before they closed so I could start reading my most coveted treasures. I will send them back the third book and not pay for it and they can deal with it (which means that they will credit my account – I have returned books before and they have credited my account without a hastle). But now I will have two of the first book because I could only get it in soft cover (the third is in hard cover, that’s why I can send it back) at the book store, and I want my collection in hard cover. But I think that I will either pass it along or it will be the copy that I can highlight and make notes in.

And you know what my hero did when we got to the cash and I was pulling out my wallet? He paid. Yup. He bought me my books. I was so happy and so relieved. I was also a bit scarred to start reading them because I was torn between worshipping him like a god and tearing into my book. I didn’t know what was the best way to show my gratitude and appreciation for his rescue. I am also a bit intimidated because of how I have built them up and I am not sure if they will be able to live up to my expectations.


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