Twilight review

Alright so I gobbled the Twilight series down so fast that I have been letting it digest for the past several days. I finished it Sunday morning, September 28. WARNING THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS SPOILERS.

After having finished the series I was left with a flurry of emotions. I have mixed reviews for it. I think it is well written, and I think it is a well told story. I think different people will take different things out of it. It is enjoyable and an easy read. While the series deals with teen romance it reached out to audiences of all ages.

There are suggestive scenes, but nothing that isn’t dealt with in Romeo and Juliet which is covered in grade nine for sure, and sometimes even earlier like grade 7 or 8. Romeo and Juliet have pre-marital sex and they commit suicide to be with each other. Bella and Edward do not have pre-marital sex (they do have sex though, but it’s kind of one of those things that they lead up to then shut the door on), and no one gets to actually commit suicide, though the attempt is made but stopped just in time. Imagine Juliet waking up a minute before Romeo takes the poison.

At different times in the series I had to just keep trudging because I didn’t agree with the decision the characters were making. But I had to have faith there was a reason for them to screw up so royally. I tried to remain team Switzerland but after several days of digesting this book I will say that I am leaning more towards Jacob, because he is more realistic and I admire the passion in which he fights for Bella.

The primary reason I would rate this young adult literature over adult literature is in the final book, when they make a stand – everyone walks away somewhat peacefully. I don’t agree. The final fight needed to happen. Now it all falls on Alice’s shoulders to be watching the future to forewarn everyone because they wouldn’t put up the fight when they had the available resources at hand. The future will be shaky and everyone will be paranoid and watching their backs. And now the Volturi have learned their greatest weapon and are able to prepare better for a next time. Because their will be a next time.

Because the author wussed out and tied everything up in a neat little package, I give it a YA rating. If she would have written the ending that needed to happen, it would have stepped it up a notch in my books. Not to say that it wasn’t a decent ending, but I felt like she really didn’t given the characters what they deserve. They deserve peace of mind and they didn’t really get that. Not truly.

Would I recommend this series to others – of course. But read it with an open mind and an open heart. Try to understand that the characters are not you, even though Bella is meant to be an every day girl. I would not have made the same decisions were I writing these books. It would have been a much different series after the second book let me tell you. Because Bella would have chosen Jacob, and Edward would have to fight to prove himself if he were ever to get Bella back, and he would have to show a lot more passion than just being the gentleman about it.

I really loved the new concept of Vampires and Werewolves that she brought to the table. The only downfall is that it is probably insanely copywritted that no one will be able to touch the new ideas and concepts legally for many many generations to come.

These book gets 4 out of 5 star ratting. I liked the characters, and the concept was good, and it was decently written.


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