Another obssessive blog post about Stephenie Meyer

Really if you have been me lately, you would think that I was a love struck teenager the way I am mooning about for Stephenie Meyer. I have been analyzing her writing from various angles, reading many interviews, and watching many interviews to get a better insight into her writing career and her as a writer and her style.

I have done some comparisons in regards to her material and Harry Potter. I think the reason for the success is that both are taking everyday people in a modern day world and putting them in extraordinary circumstances that their audiences can’t help but want to partake in because their characters and the modern world are so easily able so sympathize with and wish to be.

Harry Potter takes an average boy who has had a few rough nocks from a modern day society and plunges him in to this fantastical world – where as a reader you can’t help but be swept away by it. It took me to a magical place where I wished I could be, and it was believable in the sense that we can be compassionate to the characters and relate and it is placed in our society now.

Twilight does the same thing. It takes an everyday girl – one that almost anyone can relate to – and places her in an everyday town in the modern world – and then gives her this hunky vampire as a boyfriend. There are struggles, she gets swept off her feet and the reader finds it believable because they can relate to a certain extent and wish that they were that character. That is the magic of her writing.

And both of these series reaches out to adults too. We all wish we could be kids like Harry growing up in a magical world. A lot of women wish we could be Bella. A lot of us don’t feel like we belong – especially throughout the high school years – and wish that maybe we could have an outcome like Bella. We can relate to these characters and that is the power of their stories and why it is so interchangeable across various ages.

I have watched several interviews for Stephenie Meyer and she has mentioned future projects. She has also mentioned that she writes for herself and is unsure if some of her stories will ever be published. And I believe – although I am unsure if she has said this directly – that due to fan reaction she is hesitant to put our her material because of the overreactions. The intensity of which people are declaring their dislike for how she ended the series.

Now I can admit that I was a bit disappointed. Then I sat back and digested the information. I thought it over, I looked at the characters. I considered the author and her style and background. I also reflected on myself, and why it didn’t sit well with me. And then something struck me from an interview that really clicked. It said that this was Bella’s story and that that was a natural place for her story to end. And that she doesn’t really feel like she can keep writing Bella as a vampire because her audience is no longer able to relate to her. And that is precisely true. Once she turned – I was happy for her, but I also felt like she was no longer the everyday Bella that we could all relate to.

And I have to comment on the intensity of her fans. I don’t want her to hold back her stories and not publish them. As much as I might have chosen differently if I were Bella or she was my character I still fully enjoyed the series – how it was presented, and I can only hope for more material.

I am sorry for the negative reactions of the people who can’t seem to appreciate her wonderful gift as a story teller. But I also hope that Stephenie can see past these negative reactions and recognize the passion that she has ignited in her audience that even though they may not agree with how things turned out, they are passionately involved with these characters and this story enough to care that deeply. That is a true gift. To have an audience that is that passionate about your stories.

I hope that she does put out her story for Nessie and Jacob. I am deeply curious on how things work out for them. I have my own story line I have kind of developed for how things work for them, but I am curious on how her Nessie turns out, and the type of character she grows to be.

I want to read any and all material that Stephenie Meyer writes, because she has a talent. She creates very believable characters that her audience can relate to and feel passionately about. She uses humanity in a modern day setting in surreal circumstances as her backdrop and yet it feels so real. If you can step into those characters, you genuinely feel for them. A very very talented women. I am envious of her gift and wish that I can master a talent of my own in writing that would have such a passionate audience as she does.

I also hope that maybe somehow she stumbles upon this post. I really want her to know that I really appreciate her gift. There are a lot of people out there who finish a good book and put it down and are like wow. And then that is it. They don’t go to write and say please please write more. So for every one person who does say that they want more, there are several people behind her/him who have not, but who feel the same way. It’s so easy for the negative to get in the way, and I hope she doesn’t become blinded by that. She has so much to offer still. And I really want her to be inspired to keep sharing her works.


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