Point form overview of stuff

Alright, time for a good ol’ fashion catching up.


Have been fairly mundane. I have been going to work and waking up in the morning, and you know going about the regular routine. Also trying to keep the house as tidy as possible by doing the least amount of work.


  • Went to a comedy show with my parents. Freaking hilarious. Need to see more comedy acts.
  • Writing – been working on the goal of being an author. Good progress – slow progress, but progress none the less.
  • Reading – the Eragon series by Christopher Paolini, so far so good. A bit jealous that he is an author at such a young age. Hope for me though.
  • Video Games – finished Lego Indiana Jones – freaking rocked. Started Lego Batman – good so far, except the game froze.
  • Darren and I went to Toronto to go and see the Musical Spamalot, based on Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail.
  • Died my hair superhero red – has faded a bit, still love it.
  • Visited with family while they were in town, Gramma called me. It tickled me that she thought of me. Little kids are cute and endearing, not ready to have any for at least another 5 years. Need to travel more first.
  • Had a dinner party. Need to get more seating/bigger house. Really would love to own my own house. I really, really, really want my own office/library and more space. Never seams to be enough space. Super went well, food good. Hungry, hungry men.
  • Darren and I going to the gym. I am doing classes. Body Attack – your body is attacked. It took me five days to make a full recovery. Still debating if I would do it again. Maybe once I am in better shape. RPM – nicest Nazi we have ever met. Darren did class with me. Intense, but body still operable the next day. Would do again. Body Flow – Yoga, Ti Chi, Pilates. I need better balance, and some things are hard to do, but I would definitely do this again. Very refreshing.


  • Left work early, caught a Greyhound bus to the Bay. No Psycho killers.
  • Saw my sisters new work – looks good. Retail still bights though.
  • Lori makes a good super; her apartment is much nicer than my fist two places. So jealous.
  • Pre-drinks/getting ready for costume party downstairs in the bar.
  • New Ryan could play Edward in Twilight. Pale and pretty and tall and lean muscled and deep voice. City Boy though. But definitely an Edward. Need to find him a Bella.
  • Interesting costumes. See pics bellow.

  • Didn’t win any prizes (not me or Lori or Rick) Most memorable costume at bar for me was the Joker a la Heath Ledger style.
  • Spent a lot of time holding my wings so I didn’t hit people. Wings take up a lot of space in a crowded bar.
  • Went upstairs, more drinks. Slept.


  • Slept in kind of, had shower, got ready to drive to Vaughn.
  • Went to Timmys, ordered breakfast, after order placed and paid for and tip left, was told there was no more hash browns. Was also told they would not make any for me. Proceeded to take a wee bit of a fit, were I mentioned that I shouldn’t have tipped them, and that I wanted it back. Didn’t say this directly to the staff, but to my sister, but load enough so the staff would hear my displeasure and almost made them cry. Not the most grown up thing to do admittedly, but to late to take it back now.
  • Slept in vehicle, refused pee breaks.
  • Checked in at hotel briefly met people Lori worked with this summer. Layered up for evening events.
  • Went to supper with people Lorie worked with, Rick and I secretly on our own date. Sorry Darren.
  • Went to Wonderland for FEAR FEST. Did maze Mother Noose, freaked out halfway through and just wanted to get out. No more mazes.
  • Did lots of rides, short lines. High speeds = extra cold.
  • Glad I went to the Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland, but I don’t think I would do it again. Had lots of security once in the park and cops. But security on the way in needs to be improved. Full body searches would make me feel much better. My imagination kind of runs wild.
  • Went back to hotel, sipped on some wine, watched some TV, slept.


  • Time change, who knew???
  • Woke up by a Lori nudging. I thought if I slept through it she would go away – she just gets more persistent.
  • Had shower, got ready, did not flip out at people in Tim Hortons this time even though they didn’t have the ice tea I wanted. Bacon soggy and gross in Timmys Sandwich. Gave it to Rick. Wanted to go back and flip out on them at Timmys but didn’t because a) I didn’t ask for it crispy, and b) I withheld my tip because they were incompetent in the ice tea department. Soggy bacon made me feel extra justified for withholding tip , and so I held on to that as cancelation and acted like the adult I think I can be.
  • Went to Ikea. Ikea is a dangerous, dangerous place. Glad we didn’t have a U-haul and more money.
    Bought – magazine rack holder to hang on wall in front of bathroom above laundry hamper. Apron for kitchen cooking, which spiraled into matching pot holders, mittens for oven, seat cushions, place mats and table runner, blue accent table cloth. Also bought pot scrubber with a suction that stands up on the side of your sink and some new cutting boards. All waiting at Lori’s to be picked up in a couple weeks next time we’re down. Couldn’t take it on the bus.
  • Travelled home, slept, refused pee breaks.
  • Leftover super good, Lori is a good cook.
  • Watched some TV, learnt how to fold towels so they look pretty. Helped fold laundry.
  • Was driven to bus depot. Two busses to Sudbury, one left without me, just about cried. Another one right behind it. Good news.
  • Tried to stay awake on bus as it was dark and didn’t know if there were any Psycho killers. There wasn’t. I got in safe.
  • Mom picked me up and dropped me off at home. Roo barked at me. Lori called as I was getting in from taking Roo out, wanted to make sure no Psychos got me – they haven’t yet.
  • Went to bed, cuddled Roo. Darren came home. Kisses. Slept some more.


  • More writing, and editing and changing things back to first person. Fluttering in-between first and third person POV, decided that it should be first person as it is a personal journey.
  • Need to go see Trevor’s play – A Guide to Mourning (dark comedy) Black Dog Productions. Nov 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29. Probably go out for drinks afterwards. Trevor = good times.
  • Going to go visit Lori and Rick again the weekend of Nov 21. Bringing Darren this time. Going to see Twilight, and partying.
  • Maybe going to attack my basement and organize my dad’s stuff in the tiniest hole available. So sick of looking at it.
  • Need to make a map of my world I am writing about.
  • Need to do more sewing, forgot how much I liked it until I dug out my Halloween costume.
  • Need to finish getting ready for Christmas. Yes I have started. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  • More gym, and the search for personal fitness and the perfect body.

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