Maybe we’ll get some better updates

Alright, so there is like, only, like, seven days, like totally, left until, like, the movie, like, Twilight, is FINALLY, like, in theatres. Like, you knot what I mean, like.

Okay, that was a really bad attempt at being a sixteen year old teenager again, but imagine that at some points of my adolescent career I did indeed sound like that.

Anyways, I am actually very exited. I have been haunting the Stephenie Meyer web page for updates religiously.

The movie needs to make sale of $150 million in order to insure that the second book, New Moon, is made into a movie. To put that in perspective the author has only sold 17 million books in the Twilight series. So lets divide 17 million by 4 books, and that would approximately give us a fan base of approximately 4 million 250 thousand fans. Now lets say the average price of a ticket is $8. 40 million 250 thousand by 8 is only 34 million dollars. What that means is that they have to hit audiences larger than their fan base based on the books sales.

So bring your boyfriends, your friends, your family, and even the people you only casually talk to just to be nice. That funny person that smells on the bus, yah, tell them that they have to go too. No one is exempt from seeing this film.

My boss asked me about the movie today. I mentioned that it had a love story and he kind of went ick. But the action in the book has been played up on the big screen. It is primarily a love story though, and I just can’t escape having to tell people that (yah, I am totally going to go see it for the love story – not even being sarcastic), even though there should be a decent amount of action. I just want people to be aware of what they are getting themselves into.

I hope it does well enough to justify the rest of the series. Because really, although I say I am team Switzerland, I lean towards Jacob when I read books 2 and 3, and in books 1 and 4 I lean towards Edward. I do want to see Jacob get his chance though in the second movie, and although I know how it ends, I will still be rooting for Jacob, and be like aw man, why Bella, why. You know I really do want that on the big screen and I am interested to see their interpretation of the rest of the series.

Also another reason why I can’t wait for the movie to come out. Maybe just maybe, after we see how well the movie does, the author might post something like what she has been working on in her writing as an update on her web page. I understand that all the hype should be for the movie. That the tension should not be broken with another Stephenie Meyer distraction, but I really, really want to know what she has been working on and how it has been progressing.

P.S. I wrote my first chapter. As in the first Chapter in the book I wish to write, as well as a whole finished Chapter, that probably needs some severe editing. It probably should feel more victorious, but really, I’ll wait untill I have 500 pages before I start celebrating.


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