Twilight Movie Review

So like promised I went to got and see Twilight opening weekend. I couldn’t help myself. It’s a guilty pleasure. My sister and I went and we dragged along our significant others so they could get a taste of why we were so obsessed. Now that we did I am not entirely sure that was the right thing to do.

I really, really, really wanted to give Twilight a raving review. I wanted to demand that you stop whatever it is you are doing and rush out this instant and go see the movie. I wanted for it to be so phenomenal that it totally kicks Titanic’s ass in the love story field.

I wanted so much for this film but it just didn’t deliver. Now that isn’t to say it was complete bust, you just kind of have to go in with an open mind. A very open mind. I found myself laughing at places were I probably wasn’t supposed to be laughing, but couldn’t help myself.

Now, I felt guilty a bit about my behavior and my reactions. So I went around reading other people review of the movie. THANK GOODNESS!!! I am not the only one who came out of their feeling the way I did with the same observations. Really, I wasn’t. The list bellow are some pretty freaking awesome reviews that explain exactly how I feel about the movie. And by freaking awesome I mean freaking awesome in the sense that they describe how I felt to the T, and that they might actual spend the majority of their time picking apart what went wrong with the movie and those involved with it.

Really just read their reviews. It totally sums it up for me, without having to do all the writing myself. I may have additional opinions, but for the most part the reviews I’ve selected embody the majority of my feelings towards the movie.

There was so much wrong with this movie, that the only thing that is carrying it is the devoted fan base to the books. The movie does have its redeeming moments, and some of the changes I do agree were necessary. But as a whole, it was a wee bit hard to get through with a straight face and take it seriously.

However, if you are going to see it take with you a good sense of humor and enjoy the atmosphere around you. Because as an average person going to see it you will probably spend most of your time cringing and laughing when the director probably meant for you not to, like I did. Don’t feel bad. Enjoy it for what it turned out to be.

The only foreseeable good to come of this is that New Moon has been green-lighted. I hope that they, the proverbial they involved in making the next movie, read the reviews pertaining to Twilight, and improve upon the next movie from there. They have a base to start from, if but a wobbly base, and I think they have the potential to make a much better film the next go around. IF, and only if, they listen to their freaking audience.


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