Just blowing some steam… and writting Haikus

So here’s the deal. I go for a shower and shut the door. Simple logic. But my dog who suffers from separation anxiety has taken up doing lines of carpet when she is discluded from events or included in events she does not wish to be a part of. Such as being in the same room while Darren is sleeping on dayshift. Or when I am having a shower and she can’t but in to see what is going on. How she does this I am not quite sure as I am not around to catch her. However, suffice it to say I am absolutely 100% not pleased by this relatively new distructive behavior and absolutely not smitten about the prospect of once again having to replace floorign due to her renovations habits.

So in the mean time I have written a couple of Haikus, inspired by the Christopher Moore (go check out his blog, it’s pretty funny) and the Zombie Haikus.

Christmas pudding time
Gather all ingredients
Fresh Zombie fodder

Shut door for Shower
Dealing with Separation
Does lines of Carpet


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