101 – Not Dalmatians

I thought about giving my blog my new year’s resolutions, but to be honest, I didn’t want to be held up to such high standards.  I mean what if I didn’t succeed at my list?  What if I went in the completely opposite direction?  Then what??  If I keep it to myself, the only person I am responsible to is myself.  No one else can tell me I am a failure besides me.  And so I will leave me to my harshest and yet most forgiving critic, myself.  Because if you can’t forgive yourself, then who could forgive you?

So what I give you instead are 101 things I would like to do while I am alive list.  Some are a little fun and wacky (not many though), others are practical, some are ambitious.  Most is seeing the world and learning new experiences. 

P.S.  Christmas went well, I was absolutely spoiled to great delight as I received many an item I had been coveting for quite some time.  I enjoyed many a good times with the people I love.  I feel a wee bit guilty about the abundance we are able to enjoy while other places in the world have very little.  However, I think that this is a really good charity, and have made it a goal to donate to them yearly, see list bellow.  And that will satiate my conscious for now.

101 Things I would like to accomplish while I live


1.     IrelandDublin (can we say Guinness), Stonehenge

2.     EnglandLondon (Big Ben – maybe I’ll find my way to Neverland)

3.     FranceParis (Notredame, Eiffel Tower)

4.     ItalyRome (The Coliseum), Tuscany (the Leaning Tower of Pisa), and Venice

5.     GreeceAthens

6.     Scotland 

7.     Czech Republic Prague

8.     Germany Berlin

9.     Spain Madrid

10.  AustriaVienna

11.  Switzerland

12.  AustraliaGreat barrier Reef

13.  New Zealand

14.  Canada’s East Coast ( I have been to Newfoundland but I want to see more)

15.  Canada’s West Coast

16.  The Prairies (Canada) – were you can see next week

17.  Caribbean – become a pirate, or just talk like one

18.  India – The Taj Mahal

19.  China – The Great Wall

20.  Egypt – The pyramids

21.  Amazon Rainforest – try not to scream when I see a snake

22.  Travel the States and see all of its wonders, like that Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore and Disneyland



23.  Knit and finish a pair of Socks – practice before the 2010 winter knitting Olympics

24.  learn how to play the violin/fiddle

25.  become a better piano player

26.  learn how to play guitar

27.  learn how to spin fiber

28.  learn how to die fiber

29.  design and make an evening gown

30.  sew more of my own clothes – for daily use (create a clothing line?)

31.  Become a better artist – take painting classes and drawing

32.  Learn Woodworking

33.  Become a better photographer


Physical Activities

34.  become physically fit and eat healthier/cleaner

35.  Parasailing

36.  Sky diving (the music on this sight is really annoying)

37.  Bungee jumping

38.  Surf off the California Coast line

39.  Ski in the Swiss Alps  and the Canadian Rockies (not at the same time)

40.  Kickboxing/Martial Arts (self defense)

41.  Belly Dancing

42.  Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi

43.  run a marathon

44.  Medieval activities I would like to learn: fencing, archer (archering?), throwing daggers, and jousting

45.  Learn how to rock climb

46.  Learn how to scuba dive/snorkel

47.  Learn how to stripper pole dance (the fancy stuff that you go upside down for)

48.  Learn how to Kayak

49.  Become a better Canoe-er

50.  Learn Ballroom Dancing

51.  Learn various Folk Dance styles (mainly Irish, English, and Scottish)

52.  Learn Latin Dancing

53.  Horseback riding


People I would like to meet

54.  Great Big Sea (my favorite band!!)

55.  Robin Hobb – author – try not to gush

56.  George RR Martin – author – try not to gush

57.  Terry Pratchett – author – try not to gush

58.  J.K. Rowling – author – try not to gush

59. Yarn Harlot – knitting guru/author, wise and kind and witty, truly a remarkable woman – be on my best behaviour when I meet her, bring A game in wit though

60.  David Suzuki – be informed (don’t stick foot in mouth)

61.  The Queen of England – act like a lady – no chewing gum like a water buffalo (if she happens to pass away before I meet her, because lets face it, she’s not going to live forever, I will take the next available monarch)

62.  Meet Johnny Depp – try not to swoon

63.  Tina Fey – really funny witty woman



64.  Play in an Orchestra

65.  Perform on Broadway

66.  Write a book, and several shot stories bouncing about in my head

67.  Get published

68.  Write a musical

69.  Be involved in the production of a video game

70.  Sail a Tall Ship

71.  Go on an archeological dig

72.  Invent Something really freaking awesome and cool

73.  Participate in the creation of a Comic Book

74.  Be involved in the production of a movie/TV show

75.  Be interviewed for a magazine, TV show, radio show, website, etc…



76.  Give a graduation/commencement speech

77.  Go on a wine tasting tour

78.  Go on a cheese tasting tour

79.  Learn astrology

80.  Learn how to brew bear and make wine

81.  Learn more about smithing (how to work metal)

82.  Grow a garden (one that I don’t kill)

83.  See orignal works by Leonardo Davinci

84.  See original works by Van Gogh

85.  See original works by Rembrandt

86.  See original works by Michelangelo

87.  See original works by Monet

88.  Improve upon my French

89.  Learn different languages like: Italian, Gaelic, Russian, Spanish

90.  Get through my never ending list of books to read



91.  Achieve financial stability

92.  Live consciously greener

93.  Get Married

94.  Own a House – preferably a castle with a winding staircase and a turret

95.  Have Kids – make sure to read them bedtime stories

96.  Own a really frivolous car – something that looks really cute but is highly impractical for this climate, that goes really fast

97.  Dogs I would like to own: a Great Dane, Bulldog, Shar Pei

98.  Create a Roo Farm

99.  Own a camp on a lake with a water trampoline

100.            Donate to worthy causes like Doctors without Borders

101.            Be happy, and enjoy life. Forgive and love


Now I challenge you to come up with a list of 101 things you would like to do.  It’s not as easy as it sounds.  As you can see I found sorting it out into groups to be the easiest way to go, just to keep my thinking straight.  Mind you I could have just taken the easy route and posted my list of books that I want to read in this lifetime, their has to be more than a hundred and one of those.  

Have fun and enjoy ladies and gents.  


2 thoughts on “101 – Not Dalmatians

  1. You really are ambitious – that’s one of the many things that are so awesome about you – your joie de vivre! You make me smile – you are so full of life. I can’t even think of 10 things I really want to do, let alone 101 – you go girl!

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