A Rant of Blues…

I don’t mind having my blog open to the public.  I was hopping to attract some kindred spirits; ones who love to read and have various hobbies like mine.  I toyed with having my blog only open to a select few of my choosing, people I have put on a “yah, there cool list.”  But decided that, that would defeat the purpose of attracting kindred spirits.  Another draw back is that it would be a larger pain for those who I did give approval because they would need to sign up for a Gmail account, and then sign in every time they wanted to read my blog.  Which would really deter readership and then make my posting a complete waist of my time as I would have chased away my very small fan base (mostly family and friends at this point). 

Well ladies and gents today I acquired a new reader (for at least one of my posts) and you know what I did to their comment???  I deleted it.  Yup.  It was what I would classify as spam as they said they read the whole thing and they would tell their friends and that I should check out their website –yoga… in India?  It started off okay, and might not have hit spam quality for me if their English wasn’t broken halfway through the comment, and they didn’t give me a link at the end.  Also they posted under anonymous, that just irked me.  I really hate having to be a mind reader.  What if their link wasn’t legit, what if it was complete spam?  If you can’t even sign the end of a post, how am I to take you seriously?   If you are reading this, and truly are a fan, I am sorry, but your posting was just too suspicious for me to keep it.  I think I may be crazy, but those who know me just view it as charming quirkiness instead. 

And you know what other string of events this triggered??? Take a guess, you know you want to. 

ANSWER (the other Daily Double):  Comment posting privileges have been changed.  I really did not appreciate having someone post under anonymous.  And it wasn’t just them.  I left what I suspect to be a family members post up, that was posted under anonymous without a signature.   A little common courtesy please, have some manners.  I am not a mind reader.  If I am taking responsibility for what I am writing by posting it on a blog and inviting everyone to see it, then please take responsibility for your comments.  Heck, pick a code name if you really want.  Just something I can tag to you and your comments.  You know so if I am winning a Golden Globe I can pull a Tina Fey.

WHAT TO DO:  Sign up for a Gmail account and you can post a comment, or a Blogger account, but if you have one technically speaking you have the other.  Then when you go to post a comment, you will have to sign in with your Gmail/Blogger account name and password, and will be allowed to post.  TADA!!!! Like magic. 


In other ranting news, the freaking bus system sucks.  At the time I take a bus there are two buses running to the two small outskirt towns.  One that goes to both, and one that goes to the closest town.  The farthest town we will call Town B and the closest town we will call Town A, just for my ranting purposes.  (See guys, I leave it open to the public and I am still protecting family by being vague about my whereabouts, how’s that for manners?? Don’t check past blogs I am not sure how polite I was on these details.)  So what there is then is a Bus A/B that goes through town A to pick up people who would like to go to town B, then goes to town B and drops people off who were going their either from the terminal downtown or from town A, picks up people who would like to go downtown or to town A, and then heads back to town A and then downtown.  Complicated, but really not if you know what I am talking about. 

Then there is a Bus A only from the downtown terminal to help make the other Bus A/B less crowded that leaves slightly earlier.  Well they run that like a train crash.  Sometimes there is a Bus A, sometimes there is not.  The Bus driver on Bus A/B rarely knows one way or another.  I have seen a Bus A waiting their and get cancelled last minute, in the mean time those of us willing to take a chance and find out, almost missed the other bus, because we couldn’t get a straight answer.  Today was another one of those days, but as an added bonus for our patience and literally getting kicked off of the A/B bus to validate having an A bus, the bus we were supposed to take was broken, so they had to get another bus, and we also got to leave later than the A/B bus (not really knowing if we had a bus until it pulled up after the other bus left) when one of the privileges of the A bus is to leaver earlier than the A/B bus. 

See how privileges can change.  Ironic isn’t it??  And I didn’t even do anything wrong, besides want to go home from work.  I am sure someone out there is blogging about me and my failures of proper bus ridding manners, so maybe it is just Karma coming in around to kick me in the ass.  Either way, bus riding sucks, and if I wasn’t so friging financially stressed out and if things in this house hold were looking much brighter than they are – potential layoffs due to market fluxes in the downward direction – I might consider buying myself a car. 

In the mean time I am going to stress out about a potential move to who knows wherever my significant other can find a job that pays good enough money to validate us picking up and moving our lives, which I really, really don’t want to have to do because I am finally at a place in my life were I feel relatively peaceful compared to my usual level of constant anxiety.  I like being close to my friends and family, it puts me in a position of security were I feel that I can settle down and have a life of my own and create a family of my own.  Moving out of town away from my security blanket seams to be moving in the opposite direction of the progress we have made thus far. 

The other option is that we do it like the Newfoundlanders, whereby the girl stays at home and mans the house, and the Man goes out and earns money and comes home for a visit every now and again.  Really not that uncommon especially amongst contract miners, but I really, really dislike being alone.  Some days I can face the possibilities better than others, and can look at the situation and say I can do this.  I tell myself that I am strong and enjoy a challenge and want adventure in my life (all only really half truths and partial lies, because I do prefer a certain amount of security in my life).   Other days I am on the verge of a complete nervous break down, facing the possibilities of being alone even for a period of time knowing that my man will be coming back to me, or having the other option of following him and leaving another part of me behind.  Either way I will be divided, having a part of me missing. And it is all making me even more stressed and moody than usual. 

Don’t you love the post Christmas blues when you quit running off of adrenaline and happy warm fuzzy feelings and reality comes crashing down to smack you in the face.  Absolutely astonishingly lovely experience I tell you.     

In the mean time, I am trying to live in the present, and not worry about what might/could happen as nothing is conclusive.  We are only considering potential possibilities at this point so their is truly only speculations about what the future may hold.  Got to get me a crystal ball to ease my woes away.  Anyone have one that I can borrow? 


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