Twit like bird, type like monkey

So, the other night I did one of the last things I ever thought I would jump on the band wagon for.  I got a Twitter account. 

I feel kind of like a kid when your parents ask you if everyone else was jumping off a bridge, would you do the same.  You know that question, were they try to dissuade you from doing what everyone else is doing, and you use the fact that everyone else is doing it as a good idea as per why you should be allowed too.  Double edged knife that one. 

Well the truth is now that I am older I would have a few question to ask them in return before I gave them my answer.  Like is there water under that bridge?  If yes, than how deep?  What is the current like?  What is the quality of the water?  What season is it?  Are there Piranhas in that water?  If there is not water under the bridge, then what is under that bridge?  Do I have super human powers that would allow me not to get hurt?  These are serious questions to ask before anyone answers that question.   

So I feel like I am doing what everyone else is doing, just because everyone else is doing it.  Facebook, leaves me feeling kind of dirty, as did Myspace, yet I still have accounts.  Now I have jumped on the bandwagon of evil and finally gotten a Twitter account.  The one who forced my hand….  The Yarn Harlot.  I really should quite idolizing her.  I should quite idolizing anyone who has any account that I must get one in order to see what is going on in there lives.  Like Robin Hobb should no longer be cool, because she ahs a Myspace and the only way I could comment on her blogs was to get a Myspace.  And Facebook, I don’t even know how I got suckered into that one, yet now I have it and use it kind of like an e-mail account to keep up with my friend Stephy from Newfoundland.  Frig!!!! Frig!!! Frig!!! 

So anyways, catch me on Twitter, PiscesMuse.  Yaharg!!!!

As a side note I would also like to address my addiction to using the word “So” to start many a posts.  It’s like starting a new conversation and just happens to be the first thing out of my mouth/off my fingers when I start to blog.  I am working on it, but decided to leave it for this post, just so that others can acknowledge my bad habit and point it out whenever I do it.  I usually, by usually I mean when I notice, try to go and change it and revise my starting. 


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