Plans for the weekend

Friday the 13, Valentines Day, A Birthday, and Family Day = Big plans for weekend

Friday morning I was all hoped up on an energy drink and I was quivering like an  excited little puppy.  I thought said fraise was so fantastic I almost called my significant other to post it on Twitter for me, as I can’t at work. And then that would have elicited another twitter message that would have read something like “posting by proxy.”

We went out Thursday evening; I of course was the DD as I had to go to work in the morning.  Darren was a different kind of DD – the dedicated drunk.  We went out to an open mike night. Our good friend Trevor – my bestest girlfriend who is not family, came out with us, but left early like the little girl that he is. HA!!!! Trevor!!!! HA!!! That is what leaving early gets you, love like that.  (I hope you know I still want to hang out with you on Saturday though). 

As he was leaving a friend from Darren’s work comes in, and his GF.  I knew her a bit from high school.  We did the standard catch up.  “Hey, how’s it going?  What have you done since high school?  What are you doing now?  Oh, their was a crash in New York?  Well I guess that means that flights to New York should become a hell of a lot cheaper.  I wonder if they are going to blame it on Terrorists?  I wonder how Barack will deal with this?  Yes Darren is a really good musician.  Yup, even after that many bear.”  That kind of conversation.

Came home crashed, woke up three hours later.  Showered, drove to work.  Had energy drink.  Commence puppy dog quivering excitement and a jubilation for getting lots of work done fast.  Plans made and confirmed for the weekend.  Plans that go something like this:

Friday night – Errands and pre- prep for the weekend before crazyness ensues without access to a vehicle. Pre Valentine goodness = movie = Coraline 3-D.

Saturday – Clean house.  Clean dog.  Make super – Ham.  Have parents over for super.  Present them with Valentiny goodness.  Kick parents out after super.  Have Trevor over for drinks.  Leave Darren behind, because he has to work in the morning, to go sing Karaoke down the street like the fools that we are.  Go back to my place and crash.

Sunday – Wake up.  Go for the cure at the bars morning buffet (at which we had just finished Kareoking not even 8 hours earlier).  Recover enough to make a turkey dinner for Cowboys small dinner party birthday bash.  Invited over Manitowadgeaons for feast.  Present Cowboy with birthday presents. 

Monday – clean up again after all of the cooking.  Spend a day bumming around reading/writing/playing video games.   Notice how stinky I am.  Remember that I haven’t schedule a shower into weekends schedule.  Have serious debate about the benefit of personal hygiene (outcome yet to be determined). Vocal rehearsal in the evening. 

Tuesday – hall ass back to work, not on energy drinks.  Suffer through not being hopped up like I am now. 

And I have managed to refer to my boyfriend in 4 different manners throughout this e-mail.  TA DA!!!!!!!!  Quivering decreased a little.  Still hoped up though.  CRAZY!!!!!!!!!



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