Life and Books

Blogidy blog blog blog blog, how I missed thee, luv luv luv.   Tee hee.  That is a bit over the top and a little stretching it on the truth side, but I have been meaning to write, so I do apologize for the delay.

Yesterday morning it sounded like the Indy 500 outside my door and the highways is at least a mile from my place, and you can’t here it in the summer.  That’s how cold it was, that is how much sound was traveling yesterday.  Not the first time I had noticed this phenomenon, but at this time of the year I am getting seriously shack wacky and am jonsing for a good hit of spring weather.  Cold like that is like moving in the opposite direction of productivity. 

Also, currently I have a stinky stink man stink sleeping in my bed.  Not too odd considering that I live with him and he is my significant other, but man does our bedroom get distinct man smell to it when he’s locked in their all day sleeping before he has to go to work.  


Also, I have been reading a lot in the past couple of months.  Not that that is unusual for me, but I thought I would like to share with you what I have been enjoying. 

Marley and Me – bought the book, saw the film, saw the film again, then read the book.  All of it, all good.  Both he book and the movie.  The movie took some liberal adaptations, but altogether stayed fairly true to its source material.  The book was really really well written.  Keen observations about the world around us and how it is affected by the love of our four pawed fellow life mates.  I laughed, and I cried.  I cuddled my dog too, because, well, I just do that a lot anyways.  Read the ending when you have an hour to yourself with no interruptions.  It’s the best way of dealing with the ending, like healing the final wound you need to do it alone.  The book is high on the list of things I would recommend to anyone to read, especially dog lovers. 

I have also taken up with Christopher Moore again; I know I am such a book slut.  I take up with whatever author strikes my fancy and just don’t give a damn about how the other books on my book shelf feel about it.  I have read Island of the Sequined Love Nun, Fluke, and Lamb – this year.  Last year I hit up You Suck, Bloodsucking Fiend, and Dirty Job.  All very very funny books, with a little bit of the mystical magical.  A little obscure and offensive at times, but I appreciate his ability to slap you in the face and not pussy foot about (that is my attempt at Chris Moore bluntness).  I wouldn’t recommend all of his books to all people though, but if you have an obscure kind of humour, and like Douglas Adams, and Terry Pratchett, he just might be the guy for you.  He is not British though, just thought I would let you know so you don’t think I didn’t warn yah or something if you got the impression that he might be. 

The next author I have been sleeping with is Charlaine Harris, the Sookie Stackhouse Vampire series.  Honestly, I have always been a huge Vampire fan.  I watched Buffy religiously when I was a teen, and then Angel.  I read Buffy books.  I joined an online fan community who wrote their own fanfic for Buffy.  Okay, maybe I was just Buffy obsessed, but the Vampires were definitely the allure.  Also the kick but girl.  Go girl power.  Anyways, after having gotten through Twilight (good series) and after I got over that break up feeling one gets after finishing the last of a good book and not knowing how to start ones reading habits again because just nothing could compare and one feels kind of changed after the experience.  Well after I got over that feeling, I found I still needed some Vamp action. Also while I was stalking Stephenie Meyer online, I ran across the reference to the HBO series True Blood, and as I don’t have HBO on my cable box, because I am cheep and haven’t subscribed to it, I found out they were based on books – Vampire Books.  Well, the only logical thing for me to do then would be to read those books. 

Times are a wee bit tight, so instead of my most recent habit of going out and buying whatever it is that I want to read, I decided to supply my habit through the library like the book whore that I am.  They are really starting to get used to me their.  The first time I went in I got the dirtiest look, now it’s old habit. I go in and pick up whatever I ordered, come back a week later give it back and pick up more crack for the soul.  Sorry I ramble a lot. 

The point is the book series is funny, witty, fast passed and a quick read.  Told in first person by the heroine Sookie, how it a telepath.  You can pick up any book and get a feel for things without feeling like you have to read right from the start.  Each books is a stand alone, but I get the feeling that if you read it in order, all the better.  I don’t have that luxury as the first and second book are on hold for all of infinity until the teenage hordes decide to release it from bondage back to the general public.   Anyways the books are good, I am not sure if they are adult or young adult, but there is some sex in it,  like romance novel type sex (romance not porn), so if you are thinking of giving it to your teenage daughter read it first to make sure you are comfortable with the level of sexual involvement.  Personally it doesn’t bother me, but I wouldn’t give it to my Kid (don’t have one yet, but you know when I do) until they were at least over the age of 16, not matter how much TV has rotted their brains.  Don’t hold me to that, I may become more liberal with said child (if/when I start reproducing) or more strict.  Can’t tell officially till I get their. 

I am not done all of Charlaine’s Vampire books yet, so you may or may not hear more about them.  In the mean time ladies and gents, go pick up a book of your own.  Books are good for the soul and healing and mending. I always find that when I want to hide from the big bad world, a book is always willing to embrace me and sweep me away to another time and place, where I know no matter how grim things are they will be fixed by the end of the book.  Gives one some hope for their own lives – eh??  


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