Roo’s Poo Emporium and other spring cleaning

Just to state the obvious, spring is in the process. And to state the even more obvious as is spring cleaning. Now to be honest, I purge when necessary and clean on a weekly basis, so the need to do a complete overhaul at home isn’t necessary. That doesn’t mean that some spring cleaning isn’t needed. For example I cleaned up all the Roo winks in my front yard the other day…well all the ones I could get too. Messy stinky business but much needed.

I had this brilliant idea while at the bar last night, sober as hell, as I am the DD (not the designated drunk, the other one). I am staring off into space thinking about writing and the sad sorry state my blog is in. Like mentioned previously I dislike doing the “hey this is what is going on/planned to happen in my life.” It’s boring and mundane, and doesn’t attract viewers. And while I may not be all about the viewers, I am about having some additional viewers that aren’t just close friends and family.

The reason I was inspired to Blog started with the Yarn Harlot and socks. I thought to myself, I will do a craft blog, it will be funny for people to watch me stumble along on my knitting learning road experience. I was also really into costuming as a teen and I can showcase my other creative works as well. WELL…. that hasn’t been very successful.

In the other creative arts field one may find me pontificating about my desire to become an author. An author with the world’s worst case of procrastination and stage fright and commitment issues. But with the desire, and with a great big huge shove, the drive to accomplish said goals.

And I also read a lot. A LOT!!! I don’t go anywhere without a book, and feel kind of naked and exposed without my safety blanket of bookishness. Mostly high fantasy sprinkled with a wee bit of science fiction.

And then I ask myself, why am I trying to blog about something I am struggling to find the passion and time to commit to (crafting), when I spend so much of my time reading and trying to write. Books are like my crack. I literally jones for them. I think, I can easily write book reviews. Reviews that are hopefully funny and witty and inspiring enough to make you want to pick up a certain author. I can easily drone on and one about wanting to write and my issues concerning trying to write, and how I should just shut up and get to it.

Sure there are many other book reviewers out there, but what’s one more. Maybe I will bring something different to the table. Won’t know till I try.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. I know I am not a big name in the book reviewing field yet, and may well never be, but that won’t stop me from suggesting it right now, that if you have any ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) that you would like to send me please e-mail me at jemuldoon(at)gmail(dot)com and then I will provide you with mailing information.

Maybe one of these days someone might actually take that above request seriously, but while I am still in the world of lalaland, I would specifically like to encourage Robin Hobb, Christopher Moore, George RR Martin, Yarn Harlot, and anyone else whom I spew my undying love for, to send me their ARC. Like I said, dreaming with me head up me arse.

And now that I have gone and revamped my blog, I will be hit with this wall of I can’t concentrate to either read or write and will conclusive once again have nothing to talk about. Karma baby, karma.

Occasionally I will sprinkle the blog with a little real life, maybe even some movie reviews, but mostly I will reserve real life witty updates for Twitting. And by the way I have added a Twitter tracker thing of my updates on the side toolbar of my blog. ENJOY!!!

I am not sure what format my book reviewing will take so you will have to bear with me while I blunder along. I will tell you straight if I liked it or not. I won’t avoid brushing over a book if I didn’t like it, as that would not be fair to those who are looking for an honest opinion. Please keep in mind though everyone has personal taste and tastes change over years and even seasons.

For example: I loved Terry Brooks when I first started reading fantasy and thought him purely brilliant, however now that I have read George RR Martin, my opinion of Terry has shifted. Not that Terry isn’t gifted; just George is way, way better at high fantasy in my oh so meager and humble opinion. However, George’s style of writing is very much different than Terry’s, so it’s like comparing apples to oranges or maybe even Gorillas, but that’s what happens in this field.

So please bear with me while I come up with my own format. What feels comfortable and good for me and for you my audience.

First official review.

Book: On Writting
Author: Stephen King
Pass or Fail: Pass

Well done, good insight, and consequently has inspired in me a desire to pick up some of his books. Not all, but some. He has good advice for aspiring authors. One that comes to me immediately is to put some time aside each day, at the same time, and sit down and write, and make sure you close the door and are locked away from the outside world. Writing at the same time, should be like developing a healthy sleep pattern. I was going to get into the nuances of why his suggestions were not feasible for me to apply, however, it no only became long winded and boring but also sounded like me wining and not committing.

I liked his autobiography at the beginning. It made him feel more human to me, and less of scary horror writer. He has gone down the rabbit whole and came out the other side, and I can respect that in an individual. Life is not all peaches and cream. He didn’t go into horrific detail but he was honest.

I also liked his advice to show someone if a person is worried or happy. Rather than write; Sarah was feeling happy today. One might try; Sarah answered the phone with a smile in her voice. Well Stephen has had many years of experience and my examples are paltry in comparison, but it is a good lesson to take to heart and try to implement.

You don’t need to be a Stephen King fan to read this book and get enjoyment out of it, but be aware before picking up his book that it is autobiographical and about writing, so if those two subjects do not interest you then this book is not for you. Also I found it a good transition book between getting over reading a good series and picking out the next set of material that I wanted to experience.

Next: The Longest Trip Home, by: John Grogan


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