Ass in snow Bank or Review on The Longest Trip Home

Book: The Longest Trip Home

Author: John Grogan

Pass or Fail: Pass

A memoir about growing up in a very Catholic household, by the author of Marley and Me.  Being an autobiography and out of my regular book range, I found it a bit harder to get through as it didn’t have the usual story arcs and driving action.  It is slow passed, but poignant and very real.  However, I liked the pace.  Slow but growing.  The proper pace to read as a life goes by before your eyes.  

After a while you find you aren’t just reading  to know about John but about his relationship with his parents as well.  It allowed me some introspection into my own relationships with my parents.  The subjects that have been deemed taboo and how we try and protect our parents from ourselves, but how we also long to just be honest as well, if only it wouldn’t hurt them so.  WE= Myself, and those who feel the same way as I do.  

As the reader you are taken on a journey from being raised in a Catholic household, to questioning those values.  He breaks away from religion and disappoints his very devout parents, to find himself and carve his own niche in the world and raise a family.  It’s also about coming to terms with their differences and finding peace within yourself.  Its the journey of a lifetime.  

The ending made me cry, so find a quit time were you have an hour to yourself to read the last several chapters and no one is going to interrupt you.  So you have the time and the space to let a few tears shed, and give the book it’s proper respect (yes in my world, books get respect!).

I found the story very moving and relatable.  Not as many laugh out loud guffawing moments as Marley and Me, but this story was meant to be more personal and touching. 

I would recommend this book to just about anybody.  However, if gifting it, I strongly suggest that you read it first.  Simply because it is a book to share.  One to open up conversations about life and reflections. 

Next:  The Name of the Wind, by: Patrick Rothfus

I believe the next book is high fantasy.  I decided to pick it up after I was linked to Patrick’s blog from George RR Martins blog.  Read down for “Concerning the Release of Book Two” – on Pat’s blog.  

I have been eagerly anticipating this book, however hope that said anticipation isn’t misplaced.  From the reviews I have read in regards to it, it shouldn’t be.  Anyways Robin Hobb says it’s cool so it must be.  

P.S.  In general when finishing a book try and find an hour alone to do it in so that you are able to fully enjoy the ending to a book without interruptions and be able to digest the ending properly and reflect upon it.  I seam to keep making the same mistake on this forefront and should really, when I see that I have only 20 pages left of a book, sit my ass outside in a snow bank till I am done rather than risk trying to finish the book in the house with its many distractions.  


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