The Final Post…probably

Recently I had re-vamped this site to be a book blog as I had come the realization that despite my uncertain intentions as per what this blog was truly going to be about, it now mostly pertained to reading and writing.  However, something about this being a book blog didn’t seam right (very tempted to put write instead). 

I am well aware that the original nature of things evolves given time, however the state of evolution of this blog needed a new name and in respect to a new name a new home. 

It felt disloyal to turn this into a book blog, not that it hadn’t been leaning that way for quite some time.  But I felt that this blog deserved its respect.  It deserved to be recognized for it’s efforts in leading me in the direction I am now traveling in, and giving it a fresh coat of paint, is still painting over top of it.  And that would be disrespectful. 

So I am leaving this blog hear in its natural habitat, as an attestation to my origins of blogging.  It will be like a history monument for those who wish to come visit and see, but it will stay preserved in its original state. 

Therefore, as some of you may have predicted by now, this will most likely be my final post on this site. 

My new alias can be found at:  The Adventures of the Book Minstrel… and her trusty sidekick Roobear!! 

I will, however, keep twitting as Pisces Muse, as what I twitt about seams loyal to the original symmetry of this blog. 

Thank you and happy adventuring….


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