The Reopening of an Era that should have never ended

I have made an executive decision. It would seem that there are indeed two parts to my life. Actually life is made up of lots of little parts that kind of meld together and create this giant never ending story, that never quite peaks the same as fantasy epics but if it did rest assured there would be a lot of shit and depression involved, because slaying evil while justifiable would have some serious emotional whiplash and morality issues involved. (That was a long but beautiful sentence to my writer soul.)

I had written a ‘fair thee well’ and then re-assigned everyone over to a different blog were I can blather about books. But the thing is – remember that 101 list of things I want to do before I die. Well I did something this summer on that list. I went to Vancouver and saw the west coast of Canada. Something I am hoping I will eventually have the luxury of repeating. But for now I can nock it off my list. However, I didn’t post about it – I wanted to, but I didn’t mention a peep. Because I had closed down my Pisces Muse blog – and this event would have fit there perfectly. Trying to squeeze it on the Book Minstrel web site seamed invasive and out of place. So I have left that tiny tidbit just floating out in the abyss – in existence but without firm acknowledgement. And it was such a grand adventure that I really regret not being able to write about it properly.

There is another event that just recently occurred – last night – that has finally pushed me into the acknowledgment that I still need Pisces Muse. Still need a place to blather freely about life in general. I am not sure about the lines I will keep between the two blogs. For sure book reviews go on Book Minstrel. For sure anything on my ‘101 list’ goes on Pisces Muse. Those are the only two for sures I can offer at this point.

Alas though with great ado, I give you the event that has forced me into doing what I should have done all along. Sorry Vancouver – maybe later I will post a long beautiful memoir of our event.

Last night, I went to a Great Big Sea concert at the Sudbury Arena. I have scene them 3 other times. First: Canada Day for free when I was 16. I didn’t quit respect them and love them the way I do now. But that was my official introduction and the beginning of loosing a piece of my soul to their work. Second: I went for my graduation from college to the Molson Amphitheatre to go and see them with my little sis. Third: I went to the Grey Cup festivities about a year ago (maybe two) to go and see them in Toronto.

What was different about last night though was that I did a total groupie thing. Were we parked our car we had to walk through the back parking lot area were they have parked there tour busses. There were a couple of groups waiting outside. And while Cowboy and I had another engagement we had to get to, he stuck around with me to see if the band would come out and we could harass them for pictures and autographs. The opening act Jeremy Fisher came out and I kind of regret that I didn’t bombard him with my request for a picture and an autograph, but dude I was intent on the main event – and I promise you I will acquire your music. Hopefully in a legal means that will insure cash in your pocket, ‘cause trying to make it as a musician is tough and I can imagine sometimes soul defeating if you don’t have the right kind of fortitude. Maybe even if you do have the right kind of fortitude.

This here is a picture of me with the bass player – Murray. Who was ever so nice and put up with my giggling and fan talk and my awkwardness. I also kind of just walked away from the guy when I didn’t know how else to comport myself.

This here is a picture of me with the drummer – Kris. Who was equally nice and kind of reminds me of a guy I know (I don’t know how much this guy I know would appreciate me dumping his name on the web, he is an aspiring musician so it might be like free publicity but I don’t want to invade any boundaries). I totally stole Kris away from these two girls. And I don’t know if it was a stimulating conversation or not that I interrupted. All I offered was bringing him to another group that wanted pictures and autographs and didn’t quite know how to talk to a band. I felt a little guilty about the stealing last night, I admit, but today I feel completely happy with my confidence in doing it because I might never have the opportunity again and sometimes you just need to seize life.

After that Murray stole Kris away and went with Jeremy Fisher and some other people to find a bar I am assuming. They walked in the direction of the Townehouse Tavern – total dive but known for music in Sudbury. But might have been dissuaded by the cover charge because I am pretty sure I saw them walk around the corner after a pause long enough to be told about the cover charge. I saw one of the groups that had been waiting for them outside follow them to the Townehouse. Not sure if they continued stalking them. There is a part of me that did want to find them and chill with them, but there is a part of me that knows I don’t know them and don’t’ know what to talk to them besides gushing and that respects that maybe they need some space. Also I am not single so any flirting I would be able to pull out in band euphoria would be kind of nil and void because I am a loyal girl who loves her man + man was present, so he might have been inclined to defend his honor even though he knows my love for the band and my love for him are two different entities (well I hope he knows that). He might have let me embarrass myself sufficiently first though before it got too far. Le Sigh…

I desperately wanted to ask Kris and Murray last night where the other three were. But felt it would be disrespectful to be asking two very credible and amazingly talented musicians were the others were – like undermining them. Like it being “Dudes you were good, but you just aint the core of the show and I want to see them so um thanks for the effort but bring on the real deal.” See that is how I picture asking after the others would sound like no matter how respectfully put. And they are both two very incredible musicians who do deserve just as much praise for their talent and deserve a worshipful following. And maybe it was deliberate on the other threes part to not go out and socialize and let those two get the brunt of the gushing fans so they can sweep up their credit too.

Truly though what I want to know is how do you talk to your favorite band? I really want to know what to say to them. Do they like fan gushing? Or do they just tolerate it? Do they think it weird if you ask about their personal life – even though bits of it are shared in the online community? Is it passing the line to try and talk to them in such a familiar manner? Cowboy is a musician (at heart) and so I get the passion, but I also know that there is more to people than just the music. So do you talk just music with them, or do you try and find something else besides that to talk about because maybe it would be like a breath of fresh air.

However, based on what I do know here is my list of things that I would like to say to the other three band mates that we didn’t get to see:

Allan – I love your blog posts online. You have a very fluent narrative style, and I think that if you so chose you would make a good author. You have a way of observing the world that makes it nice and bright and you are respectful in doing so. I think you might have the soul of a writer in you, and there is a part of me that is jealous and envious and another part of me that wishes you all the best if you ever chose to pursue that path.

Sean – Is Tosh really on the bus on tour with you? I love the fact that you are an animal man and that your dog means so much to you (well that is the vibe that I get from the online stalking that any fan worth there salt has done).

Bob – I love your versatility to know so many different instruments. The tin whistle and the fiddle particularly. I really really really want to learn fiddle. There is a part of me that whenever I hear the fiddle played, that it sweeps me up and touches my soul. I may not be a musician but I understand the way that music moves a person and how it can truly be ingrained in their soul. It is a powerful experience. (Actually I might like the whole band to know that about souls and music.)

It was an amazing performance guys. The music pulsed through and swept to a different plain of existence. I love how your music makes me feel guys. I felt uplifted.

Songs I wish were played though that were not:

  • Beat the Drum (Something Beautiful)
  • Walk on the Moon (Fortune’s Favor)
  • Oh Yeah (Fortune’s Favor)
  • Company of Fool’s (Fortune’s Favor)
  • Dance Dance (Fortune’s Favor)
I really really like “Dance Dance” and “Walk on the Moon”.

Thanks guys for the great night and thanks for half fulfilling one of the events on my 101 things to do in life list.

P.S. I got my ticket signed by Kris and Murray. You were ever so awesome in dealing with us – the hopeless fans. Sorry about all the awkwardness. Maybe someone should write up a social code in how to properly converse with a band you are a huge fan of.

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