Movie Review | Avatar

And my second movie review.

There were a few things I expected when going to see this movie. Amazing special effects and a storyline that took backseat to the special effects. As mentioned before, I feel this is a trend in block buster movies. Often times we are given superior special effects as a distraction from the fact that they have no clue where their plot is going.

Avatar bordered on what I expected yet primarily managed to pleasantly surprise me.

The story was recycled. It had very vivid echoes of the founding of the new world. The Spanish, British and French pushing the natives out of their territory and land. The natives having a culture that respects mother earth. The movie took its own slant on it but the tale has been told, we are familiar with it. However this familiarity was not a bad thing. Within the first fifteen minutes you new where the story was going, what the plausible outcomes would be. The foreshadowing was obvious. Yet I still enjoyed myself.

The world building was superb. That was where I was truly won over. I was in complete awe of the world building and the setup. The science fiction and magical elements to it were amazing. A world at peace and harmony with itself. A people who respect the land. A world that glowed in the dark and moss that lit up when you touched it. The flying birds. The tails that let you link in. The glow in the dark freckles and blue skin and cat-like features. The floating mountains. How everything was linked to each other. All of this left me in complete awe and wonder as an author. I would love to get my hands on a world like that, work a story with such a vivid atmosphere and wonder. Some may call them savages, yet I wanted to be a savage.

Furthermore, I felt that special effects were not distractions yet a boost to discovering this amazing world. I didn’t feel like they were waiving special effects in my face to distract me from a lack of plot. They had a plot and they followed it through, with not obvious plot holes. Sure it was recycled and predictable, but there was comfort in that too, as they were already throwing us into a world so absolutely different and amazing. Some of the characters were clichés, and some of the dialogue a bit flat. Yet I can live with that.

Overall I think this is a must see. I was only able to see it in 2D as the 3D was sold out. I can only imagine how much more superb it would have been in 3D. Don’t cheep out. Go and see it. Also allow yourself the ability to get lost in the world, like a child discovering it for the first time. They really did an amazing job.

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